Battery problems with the Resound Multi-mic and LiNX2 9's

I have the Resound LiNX2 9’s and am testing the Resound Multi-mic. I like it so far, clipped to my wife’s lapel around the house or in the car, and also when placed on the table for a small group in my local noisy coffeehouse. It’s surprising to me that noise from banging on the table or dishes, etc isn’t irritating to me.

The problem is that the Multi-Mic seems to need a lot of battery juice. Even with relatively fresh 13s (I found RayoVacs to be best), the batteries soon start chiming and reboot/reset at inconvenient times.

My audi says:

Unfortunately this will be the case if you are using the microphone on a regular basis. Unfortunately use of Bluetooth will drain the batteries faster and cause this type of difficulty. There are batteries that are labeled “cochlear implant” and I have been told that if used with hearing aids can prolong the life with Bluetooth use, so perhaps try that?

My questions:

  1. What’s a good cochlear implant battery that’s compatible with my HAs?
  2. Are there strategies to minimize battery drain, eg, turn off Bluetooth on my smartphone?
  3. Are there other multi-mic type microphones that might work better with my HAs than Resound’s?

I use Cochlear Implant batteries called Power One Implant Plus but they are size 675 not size 13.

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ditto on that, loved Powerone for my hearing aids too :wink:

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