Battery Life Results

Hi All,

I’ve been tracking the average life of a couple of different battery brands, for my hearing aids, and thought I’d share the results. I’ve tried three different brands so far: Rayovac (free pack of batteries from my Audi), Sonus (free pack of batteries from HearPO), iCellTech (purchased via the internet). Obviously this doesn’t include anywhere near all the different battery brands available, just a couple that I’ve personally used.

I wear a pair of Phonak microEleva open fit BTE aids that use a size 312 battery. I wear them, on average, about 16 hours a day. They go in when I get up, and come out when I go to bed (or take a shower :slight_smile: ). When I get a low battery tone from either hearing aid, I replace both batteries. Interestingly, the right aid is always the one that goes down first. I haven’t tried changing just one battery to see how much longer the left side would go. I’d rather just change both at the same time.

The results (drum roll please!):

Rayovac - I get about 8.5 days use.
Sonus - Same, about 8.5 days.
iCellTech - I get about 9.5 days from these.

So the iCellTech batteries give me about 11% more life than the other two. Not a huge amount, but still interesting. Please keep in mind that this is a very small sample (basically 1 or 2 packs of each brand), and the results could have been different if I’d included say 25 packs from each manufacturer (which I’m not really interested in doing). Totally non-scientific. Enjoy.


You should also post the cost of each battery (at least what you paid) to see if the additional 10% was worth the additional cost (if there was any).

Hi adgraham

The only batteries I’ve paid for so far are the iCellTech (the others were free). I don’t think you can compare retail (brick and morter) pricing, to what you can find on the internet. The iCellTech batteries had the lowest price of any 312 batteries I’ve seen so far (which is why I bought them :slight_smile: ). Now, if they’re consistent, I’ll keep using them, but I haven’t seen any bad reports in any of the forums.


yeah, the icelltech are pretty inexpensive, and when bought in quanity of say 60, even better deal.

Nice review, thanks for the write up. I know which batteries I will be using

Thank you for your time and efforts. I am also currently using iCellTech and have been happy with the cost vs time they last. I haven’t noticed that they last longer but it would be hard to see an additional day out of 10 days without hard data (such as your testing).

Thanks again. I also know where I’ll continue to get my batteries.

I’m curious if the battery life is affected by the program the hearing aid is in. So if your in telecoil mode for example, does that use less power than normal? I get fluctuations in battery life all the time on my aids. I’ve always attributed it to the programs.

Some weeks, it seems like I’m on the phone constantly for work. Others not, and correspondingly it seems to make a difference.

Hi joesc

That’s a good question. For digital hearing aids, I would have guessed that different programs would NOT make much difference in power consumption. The processor is running full time, whichever program is running, with the possible exception of the “noise only” program, where the aid just reduces the overall gain and response. That could very well draw less power. I’m not sure about how the T-coil interface is implemented, and whether it requires more or less power than other programs.

I’m pretty consistent in the amount of time I wear my hearing aids each day, and my battery life is very consistent. I’d say I don’t see more than a couple of hours difference in life, battery to battery. Out of about 130 hours of total life, that’s not bad.

Anyone else out there see fluctuations in battery life?


When I was wearing the dot 30s with the natural directionality, I’d get 6+ days from a set of batteries, but the left always went first. It was the “monitor” ear, with the mics set to omni-directional.

With any other aids, it could be one or the other that drained first.

Hi jay_man2

I think it’s interesting that your Dot 30 aids are consistent in that the left one always goes down first, but your other aids can differ. Do you use the same battery brand in the Dot 30 as your other aids did? Were your other aids digital? Maybe that’s the difference. Interesting. I don’t know exactly what it means :confused: , but it’s interesting. Thanks.


Same batteries, all aids are digital. The only thing that’s different with the dot 30s is that the right one was the focus ear, with a directional mic, and the left one was the monitor ear, with omni-directional mics. Omni-directional mode must use more power.

Perhaps more processing is needed, given the aid has to look at sounds from all directions.

I would sure like to get a “behind the scenes” tour of a major HA manufacturer. That would be VERY cool! :cool:


Hmmm…so how about Energizer vs. Duracell vs. Power One? any input?

I seem to find Energizer better than Duracell.