Battery life of Phonak Marvel when streaming 4 to 6 hours a day

I fully understand that. I am retired now so my aids are in from the time I get up to when I go to bed too. Which is about 15 -17 hours. I do stream about 2 -3 hours.

True that you won’t (may not) get a full 24 hours out of Marvel rechargeable if you stream most of that time. I once took a long trip, 3 international flights 4 airports buses & taxis, and spent most of the time watching movies and listening to music. My aids went dead after about 24-26 hours. However, I did learn from that experience and that will probably not happen again. A 15 minute quick charge will give you another few hours, a 2 hour charge will give you another 24-26 hours.

Most of my days are pretty normal 16 hours days with some streaming and phone calls. Usually have about 50% charge left at the end of the day.


What he said right there. I don’t stream that much, I use the BT function of my M90 primarily for phone conversations. However, I missed charging them my third night owning them (charger was unplugged), and they were at about 10% when I put them in that morning. I put them back in the charger a couple hours later, and after 30 minutes they took me through the rest of the day with no problem.

If you get them, you might want to look at a second charging case.

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Thank you, Psych1, this is actually the kind of experience I was hoping to hear about.

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I trialed with the M90 rechargeables but purchased the M90 13. I founded that the rechargeable would last longer than I did and still had lots of battery life in them. I don’t think that they would run out of juice if you recharged them every night. I like my M90 13 and the battery life is about 80 hours of use and I am using expired batteries. I have fresher batteries and I have used them and they lasted over a 100 hours. I found that the batteries are not expensive and easily changed. This site offers a great deal on batteries. I think that rechargeable vs replaceable is a matter of what floats your boat!

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I’ve been wearing M90-13T HAs since last September. The size 13 batteries will last me about 8 days if I do next to no streaming, and 5½ days if I do a lot of streaming. The MyPhonak app claims I wear them about 14 hours a day. Over the 126 days that I’ve been wearing these HAs, I’ve gone through 21 pairs of batteries. That works out nicely to 6 days/pair of batteries. [I love easy math :wink: ]

For me, a lot of streaming would be around 2–3 hours streaming TV from a Roger Select, and another 2–3 hours streaming music while I’m walking the dog or cleaning up at night. The smaller, size 312 batteries have about 60% of the capacity of the size 13s, so one would likely get 3½–5 days between changes with them.

I buy a bunch of batteries on line about once a year, and pay about $0.50 per pair. The cost differential for lots of streaming versus having a streaming fast is about $0.25/ week.

The reason I went with batteries is I worried I might find myself on travel at some time and not able to get to a charger reliably. With batteries, one has no worries, provided one carries a few spares around.

I have Phonak Marvel 70 rechargeable. I get 16 hours a day without a problem. 6am-11:30. Streaming cuts down the time. When I hear the Train whistle warning I take a break, put the aids in the charger. 20-30 minutes later I continue to stream before going to bed. Not a problem. Rechargeable is a great feature.

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I find that I can have up to a half a day’s worth of battery life after I get the warning that the battery is low. I think that if I have a few days on the battery and if I have loud noises that draws on the battery, I will get the warning. When the noises goes away the battery rebounds and will last a few more hours giving me time to change the battery.

I get 4 or 5 days out of my marvel batteries but I only wear them 15 hour each day. no streaming of music. Used only for hearing and television. they are size 13 batteries. If I streamed music that would all I would hear. If battery goes dead you can immediately replace them. You cannot do that if you have to recharge when dead.

I get about 8 hours streaming total out of them before the need to charge. 16~18 hours with a few streaming calls in between.

Recently, on a priority 1(system down) call that lasted 10 hours, I had to switch to my headphones at 8 hours and drop the marvels in the charger for an hour (fully charged in 1 hour).

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You have pretty bad hearing loss. Talking about battery life, what receivers do you have on your aids? Do you use Sound Recover2?

After 15 hours use with a couple hours streaming my Audeo RT aids are yellow when placed on the charger. These are my first rechargeable aids. My routine of placing the aids in the dryer each night is messed up. Still trying to figure out how to deal with this.

I have custom cshell molds with normal receivers (not the power ones). This is my first year with HAs, and I should probably have the power receivers but my brain could not hack it; it was overwhelming and I couldn’t stand it.

I am in a better place now, brain acceptance wise, but the cshell molds are perfect, so I do not want to change LOL.

I do not use Sound Recover2, but I should revisit it. It sounded “weird” to me in the beginning (as did everything) so I turned it off. My guess is I would really like it, if I could hack dealing with the weirdness for a month while my brain adjusted.

If you use Sound Recover the aids should use less gain/battery. At least it’s that way with me.
I am deaf in the upper frequencies so I use sound recover aggressively to lower these high frequencies down into my hearing zones. This enables the use of less powerful hearing aids with profound hearing losses with typical ski slope loss.

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How do you stream TV audio, Bluetooth pairing or via a Phonak TV Connector. The former is battery hungry by far. BTW, if you are already burning batteries you may want to stay with size 13.

Bluetooth pairing to iPad. I’m ordering my permanent hearing aids on Thursday, so I really have to decided between rechargeable and the size 13s.

I did a trial of the Marvel rechargeables and they never lasted long enough for me. I’d put them on in the morning, and by around 8 p.m., right when I needed them for TV (with the TV streamer), I’d get the low battery warning. Before the trial ended, I ordered the M-312s. Before they came in, we went out of town overnight. Husband and I each had a phone to charge, plus a laptop for him and a tablet for me, and there weren’t enough outlets in the hotel room for everything. BTW, during the trial I also bought the battery pack and returned it a week later. It only lasted 3 days.

I was really glad I had the 312s when we were in the hospital waiting for my first grandchild to be born. She was expected around 8 p.m., so we got to the hospital around 7, but she didn’t arrive until 1 a.m. I had to replace batteries during the wait. If I had the rechargeables, I would’ve had to remember to bring the charger (another big item to fit in my purse), and even if I had access to a plug, I wouldn’t have been able to listen and converse while they charged - DIL’s family had a big baby watch party going on in that waiting room.

Edited to add: I’m connected to either my tablet, phone, or TV streamer the whole time I have the Marvels in. I use the app exclusively to change volume or programs, and stream a lot.

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So how long do the Marvels 312 batteries last?

I have to change them about every 3 days. No cost to me for 3 years, so if I’m in a hurry, I don’t even bother to wait the minute or two after I take the tab off.

Thank you! This is exactly what I was wondering about.

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Thank you I have the OPN1 ITE hearing aids with 312 batteries, I stream on average about 2.5 hours a day at this time. and I am getting 4-5 days out of a set of batteries, I get my batteries from the VA for no cost to me and I get my aids from the VA also at no cost. If I understood my Audi I am getting new aids this summer and I am looking around at what is available.

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