Battery charge on Oticon More 1

Mine get @ 16 hrs depending on how much streaming. Wife’s only 8 hrs. Audi has already replaced her batteries once. Our usage is close to identical.
Ideas and suggestions greatly appreciated.


Is wifey streaming a lot? Does she need a lot more amplification than you do? Weird. I have the M1 and I got a loooong amount of time.

My suggestion is to be more verbose with your description of the problem beside a couple of short sentences if you’re to expect people on this forum to be able to help give you some ideas and suggestions. Otherwise, it’d only lead to more qualifying questions from the forum before anybody can suggest anything, that is, if people even bother to ask questions if insufficient info is presented to them.

For example,

  1. How many daily hours did your wife get originally?
  2. How long before her batteries went bad? How did it go bad the first time? Did she get only 8 hours of daily use before like she does now?
  3. How did her battery replacement work out? Did she get back the original performance as before?
  4. How soon before she got back to only 8 hours daily use performance?
  5. What is her audiogram like compared to you?
  6. What did the audi say could have been the problem the first time? Did you tell the audi that your wife has the same battery issue again? What did he/she say?
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Everything you mention is similar. In fact our Audi said we’re the first couple she’s had who are both severely hearing disabled. Main difference is I suffer from hyperacusis and wife doesn’t. Hope this helps