I have been trying all different brands of batteries.

I have tried, Rayovac, Duracell, Energizer and I Cell Tech.

I have found that most of the batteries I have purchased from the local drug stores have been very poor in battery life. Whereas the Rayovac and I Cell Tech batteries I have purchased at my local audiologist’s office seem to last a lot longer.

Is it just me?

I have had good success with the I Cell Tech batteries. I know there is no such thing as a perfect battery, but these have been very good.

I think they cost around $.27 each at

The part I liked about ordering from those guys, was that their prices are really good and they ship for free.

I don’t have to drive to the drugstore and pay tremendous amounts for batteries anymore. I like that!

I also like that they don’t fill your package full of brochures and sales crap which you end up throwing away anyway.

Anyway, my 2 cents.

The iCellTech #10 batteries I get from are great. I purchase them for myself and two friends; we’re all using Opticon Delta aids and here in Canada we were paying about $1.37 CAD a battery. Ordering them from localbattery, the cost is down to .29 cents Canadian. Quite a saving. The batteries are averaging about 5 to 6 days per use. I replaced one this morning that had lasted a little over a week, 7.5 days! I unplug the battery at night when I put the aid in the storage case. But believe me, all three of us are very pleased with the quality of the batteries. And by the way the stale date is June 2009. Thank you localbattery.

I just bought some batteries from

I was surpirsed that I could buy 60 batteries for less than $18 with free shipping. My local Wal-mart was 2 times more!


It’s interesting you should post this. I have heard the same comment from at least four different patients in the past week.

At Audibel or Starkey we sell our own brand of hearing aid batteries. They are actually produced by Rayovac but we have them add a 24 karat gold plating to the contact which is supposed to give a better contact with the gold contacts inside the hearing aid.

Out latest stock has a shelf life to 2010 and we’ve been getting some very enthusiastic reviews.

One other thought, don’t just shop on price alone. If the battery costs 20% less, and lasts a few days less it may be a false economy.

Oh, and I had another thought. Although I am not an accountant I heard that hearing aid batteries were considered a medical expense and the cost can be written off on your taxes, as can the price of a new set of aids, and repair costs. Keep your receipts!

Yes, again you need to check w/ your tax professional, but all out of pocket medical expenses can be deductible if you exceed a certain percentage of your adjusted gross income, so as ZCT states, keep your receipts!

This includes batteries, any hearing aid accessories, such as Dry and Store Kits, dessicant bricks, replacement tubing or eartips, service costs, etc that are often missed.

I am new to hearing aids so I don’t know if I’m making a mistake, but I just bought 30 312 batteries for $9.98 at Costco. Seems like the best price yet for these if they are any good.

I’ve used them for several years. They’re just fine.

I average 8-10 hours a day wearing my HA’s… and between 2 to 3 weeks per set of batteries, ie: iCellTech #13’s.

Recently I purchased 90 of them from Local Battery ie: order # yhst-55102239096627-13193 for $25 or 27 cents each. For me… I’ll just stick with Local Battery and buy from them. After all, who wants to spend 60, 70 80 cents or more a piece from other sources when I can save money buying from Local Battery.

Also, when you buy from Local Battery you’re buying from the company that sponsors THIS web site… so do them right.

Shi-Ku Chishiki

Thanks for the link. Since my America Hears came with a year supply of iCellTech’s I think I will keep using them too.

Just got my HAs and just joined this forum. Thanks for such great info. Bought the Siemens Pure 500 and passed on the $250 battery charger. Found same thing through a site mentioned here for only $150. Then thought rather than buying the Siemens unit, why not look for a battery charger that just charges the batteries. Found one through a no-longer-in-business place called batteryjac in portland, OR. It was an AC/Solar unit and charged the 312’s and several other small batteries. Has anyone seen such a thing and/or know who the manufacturer would be?

Carl Metlay said in part…

First off… “Welcome to our little forum”.

My #13 iCellTech HA batteries bought through Local Battery (who’s the sponsor of this web site), cost me 27 cents each… and lasts for three weeks or so. At 54 cents per 3 Weeks it costs me $14.58 a year to power my HA’s.

Divide my $14.58 yearly cost into your $150 and I would have to go 10 years plus before I even started to break even… and that’s not considering the fact that the rechargeable batteries would have to be replaced a number of times within that same 10 year period at $3.40 each.

One would have to purchase a total of 6 rechargeable batteries over that same 10 years if they lasted 3 years each. That’s now a additional $20.40 on top of your original $150.

The approx $175 that I would have to spend now places me at about the 12 year break even point… not with standing the charger breaking/burning out before I even get to 12 years.

NO… I’ll stay with [URL="[Local Battery]( It’s hard to improve on perfection when your the best.

P.S. You might want to read this thread that was written by the Admins here about the same thing. Rechargeable Batteries

Shi-Ku Chishiki