Batteries that last

Looking to buy 312 batteries in balk. I was looking on Amazon and see they offer a number of different kinds. Any one brand better then the others?? Here’s what they have, Duracell, Amazon Basics, Power One, Rayovac, Powermax. Has anyone found one to last longer then the others?

The information I have seen indicate that Duracell lasts longest. Rayovac are up there but not quite as good as the Duracell. The technician at Costco tells me that the Kirkland brand batteries are made by Rayovac. I get about 5 1/2 days from the Kirkland ones with the KS8 HA (same as the Rexton Emerald 80, or Signia Pure 7Nx). When you consider price the Kirkland ones are an easy choice for me. We shop there almost weekly, so it is pretty convenient. Don’t buy too many as they only have a certain shelf life before they start to lose life.

At Costco I get 48 batteries for $8.79 all sizes, tough to beat that deal. I use size 13 batts and get two weeks, so at 4 batteries per month that is a years worth. :+1:t4:

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I have done some research with my hearing aids and Rayovac to last the longest

I can’t say that I have tried to do a scientific study on it, but I have used Duracell, Rayovac, and PowerOne, and they all lasted about the same. And they all seemed to have about the same number of duds.


I buy Duracell from the forum host, Hearing Tracker. The Duracell last a little longer and seem to have the full voltage longer. They are cheap too. I also like the little plastic case and long tabs.

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When I got my first hearing aids (Starkeys) about five years ago, I thoroughly tested all the batteries I could find. The difference between the top and the bottom was measurable, but not significant. I seem to recall that I got 6-7 days’ use on average for a set of batteries.

I’m now using Xcells in my new Oticons, but I get free batteries from my Audiologist. I am getting 5-6 days’ use on average, but I am streaming phone calls to my hearing aids now. With my Starkeys, I wasn’t using that feature, and was pulling my hearing aids out (and unseating the batteries) whenever I was on a call.

I would say then, that I am getting about the same active use of my Oticons using Xcells as I was with the batteries (I don’t recall the brand) I used in my Starkeys.

You can’t beat the price of the Costco batteries. For just slightly more, the Amazon basics are good. I get about 1 week use for either brand. I’m using them in Costco KS8s.

Duracell and Powerone batteries are awesome for this.

This article is probably relevant to the subject.

I noticed Rayovac batteries weren’t included in the survey. Any reason?

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I think there is a note saying that they did not have the rating of the battery so they didn’t include them. The rating is kind of meaningless anyway. Here is another link to look at that I believe was based on actual testing of batteries. Here is the summary for the 312 size:

" Size 312 Batteries: Winner - Duracell

The results for batteries of size #312 can be divided into four groups: a first group containing the worst performers, a second group with two brands whose results were slightly higher in relation to the previous group, a third group consisting of five brands with similar results, and a fourth consisting of one brand. Energizer (156 hours) and ExtraPower (168 hours) make up the first group, ClearCell (180 hours) and PowerOne (192 hours) follow in the second group; icellTech, Renata, Sony, Panasonic, and Rayovac (204 hours) comprise the third group, and Duracell (276 hours) in the fourth group."

That said these ratings seem very optimistic, and must have been tested at a much lower than normal current draw. I get 88 hours out of the Kirkland (Rayovac) 312 size.

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I have tried power ones, Duracell and rayovac and in my hearing aids rayovac wins hands down. And Duracell and power one preform equally.

Note that the original study was from 2012, and the results may not be applicable as the manufacturers tweak their designs.

Looking at the study, one interesting thing that stands out is that the standard used to test hearing aid batteries does not involve the use of hearing aids. That probably has something to do with the ridiculous lifespans they get.

I am using Amazon Basics which I find last at least a day maybe 2 longer for me than the duracells .

I recently changed from Power One size 13 batteries to Duracels. I previously found that the Power One batteries lasted almost exactly one week of use. The Duracels have given me an extra day (8 days of use). I should also add that I have stopped trying to use my Phonak Compilot as it had become just about useless but I use a pair of Sennheiser RS 195 headphones over the HAs instead which work very well.

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I am doing a test run on the Camelion 312 batteries now
My brother always used the rayovac 312 he got about 6-7 day out of them
He had his bff tell him about these he owns a battery supply store and is thinking about selling these so he got in a bunch of hearing aid batteries in from hi supplier and is having us do the test on the 312s and then he has others testing the others
I will be doing a review on these probably in about a month
Our friend said he will let me see the facts others give him on the others as well so I can share that information as well

In Canada I just buy the Costco Kirkland batteries which are said to be made by Rayovac. I get 5-6 days. They are less expensive in the US but here they are $12 for 48. It has gone through my mind that sooner or later I will likely get caught with batteries going dead while I am out traveling and I would have to buy some elsewhere. I always thought that is no problem, probably any drug store will have them. Well I stopped at a battery display the other day in a Walmart. They had an package of 8 Energizer 312’s for $13, and 8 Duracell for $15. Wow! I better remember to bring Kirkland spares with me…

Well Sam Walton must have been looking down and saw that post I made about the price of batteries at Walmart. I was standing about 20 feet away from the battery display in Walmart today, and my one hearing gave me the “I’m done” signal. No Sam, I did not bite and buy those $2 each batteries. Did not have my Kirkland ones on me, so I just drove home on one ear…


I always have spare batteries with me

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