Batteries in Dry and Store?

Dry and Store claims to extend battery life. I’ve seen one person in this forum claim that they thought that putting the aid with battery in the Dry and Store reduced the life.

It seems that since zinc air batteries are sensitve to moisture, that they would benefit from a dry environment. Has anyone done any controlled, extended measurements on battery life in and out of a dehumidifier? If not, I will probably do this myself.

Does anyone have any info on how the Dry and Store affects batteries? Even subjective opinions?

I get my batteries for 23.3 cents a piece on eBay, get 10 days out of them with my GN Resound Pulse aids, and don’t give any thought to the negligible impact a Dry and Store would have, whether positive or negative. Typing this wasted too much energy on the subject.

There, you have my subjective opinion.:stuck_out_tongue:

i have heard they extend the life… Im not sure if that is true

I just got my Dry & Store today. Super fast turnaround. I ordered it on Sunday, it shipped UPS ground yesterday and was here today. Dry & Store and UPS kicked butt on this one.

The Dry & Store manual said the following:

“Independent tests by Eveready Battery Co. on their Energizer/Amplifier zinc-air batteries showed a 10-20% gain in battery life under high humidity conditions. This was confirmed by a user survey which showed that over half of Dry & Store users noted longer zinc-air battery life.”

When I have to change batteries, I’ll do my own “independent” test by testing several batteries in and out of the unit. More to come …

Over a year’s time with a 20% better battery life using the 10 days, 23.3 cents per battery I stated earlier, you save less than $3.00 Don’t spend it all in one place.:rolleyes: Of course, that’s the best case scenario.

jay man, I agree that it is a small amount, but for an easy step like leaving the aid in the battery, it’s worth it. I’m an engineer who, among other things, works on software that improves battery savings in cell phones, so you can understand my anal motivation.

It’s interesting that other other posts in this forum are talking about requesting two free batteries and people are jumping at the chance to get them - a big 46 cents for you :slight_smile: .

By the way, if I provide my address, will you send me the $3 per year? Or I can take it in a lump sum of $150 since I will be wearing aids for the next 50 years. This will save you the price increases in future years :smiley: .