Batteries extending life

Any tricks to keep batteries lasting longer? Any brands recommened? Thanks

Keep them in a cool non condensing environment and make sure they opened out of the aid at night even if they still sit in the battery tray.

That is all.

We tend to stick with Ray-o-vac, but I’m sure everybody will have their own favourites.

Keep the sticker on the battery until you actually need to use the aid with a new battery in, because that starts the chemical reaction inside the battery and it begins losing power–rather rapidly in the case of the little guys. (Especially don’t remove all the stickers when you first buy the batteries, but you can even squeeze a few extra days out of a multipack of batteries by loading fresh batteries in the morning and pulling off the stickers then, rather than doing it when you put the aids “to bed” for the night.) Once that sticker’s off, putting the sticker back on won’t slow the decline, but do open the door to turn the aids off when you’re not using them so the batteries decline at a somewhat slower rate.

I haven’t done any testing of my new theory yet, but based on the problems I had with the HAs dying when sweat got on the batteries and plugged the vent holes iin the battery, I think that covering the battery backside WILL extend the batteyr life by shutting off the air to the "Zinc-Air) battery.

Testing to follow as soon as I get a “Normal” life figured for my new Ambra HAs.


Well, yeah, Terry, give it a shot. I did, too, and found it not helpful, and the explanation was that once the air gets inside the battery, the chemical reaction can’t be totally stopped again by covering the vents. But see if you can squeeze a few more hours out of 'em, and more power to you! :slight_smile:

I have been maintaining a little “log” on how long (in days) my batteries are lasting. You can see my equipment in the signature below.

My HA’s both take #312 batteries and I was given Starkey batteries with the new aids and I purchased a pack of Duracell 312’s while I was at the pharmacy waiting for a script.

So far, the Starkey batteries are consistently lasting between 12 and 13 days and the one run I did of Duracell lasted only ten days. I then used Starkeys again with a run of 12 days and am now back to Duracell just to compare.

I suspect the Starkeys are going to “win” every time at the rate this is going, and they are a LOT less expensive than the Duracells!

An average “day” for me starts at around 5-6 am and the aids come out around 4-6 pm, so I may not be using them as many hours as a lot of people. I do sleep long hours due to a condition which tires me out.

Not true! I have an instrument I use only when doing sports, it has a size 13 cell that lasts 2 weeks of continuous use (well, 14 days x 16hrs/day). I put a piece of tape over the battery vents when I put it away and only need to replace the battery after many months. This makes sense; as the oxygen is consumed is the sealed cell, the reaction that produces the electricity will stop. The only question is how much oxygen is left in the cell when you reseal it that needs to be consumed before it stops discharging (i.e. this might not work for overnight sealing as there may be enough oxygen in the sealed cell for it to run overnight).

Someone here posted actual measurements of batteries by brand even with several datecodes, try doing a search. The bottom line is that the brands tend to not be important.

Great! There’s hope yet, Terry!

It didn’t work for me with my gear which operates on a far shorter battery lifespan cycle (3 or 4 days), but if it helps your situation, tape 'em up!

When I got the Audeo Smart ixs, they ran for 6 days on the first batts.
These Ambras have gone three days until now.

Let’s say they last 6 days, that’s 96 hours operation and 48 hours standby (compartment open)

I’ll bet that the margin of increase is very small because the battery is not producing power when it is starved for air, but neither is it being asked to supply any (other than self-discharge) when the compartment is open.

So: Yes the stoppage of air stops battery function, but taping will not gain much over switched off load. Covering the vents will not make much difference.

A little light came on and I saw the disconnect between the operation of the battery and the usage time on the battery.


I happened to be on the Ray-O-Vac site now for a different reason and saw that in their Hearing Aid FAQ (select Question #2 after clicking this link)
Ray-O-Vac says that once the tab is pulled, sealing the holes again does not slow battery depletion. Of course you could argue that Ray-O-Vac may not be the most objective adviser on this point. :wink:

Hey, if it works for you, keep on keepin’ on, or sealin’ on, or whatever. I suspect you’re right that that there may be enough oxygen to keep the battery supplied with air in the overnight situation where I’m not using a resealed battery, whereas if you seal them up for days at a time, it may have a more noticeable effect.

Other things I learned watching the video at :

Battery life can be a bit shorter in one aid in one ear, if your hearing loss is worse in one ear compared to your other ear. Things that can shorten battery life: setting the gain higher, using the aid in noisy environments such as restaurants or concerts, heat (this would include leaving a spare pair of batteries up against your body), cold (storing batteries in the refrigerator) humidity (either high or low), leaving the battery inside the aid when you put the aid in a Store ‘n’ Dry type device–they recommend not just opening the battery compartment (obviously) to stop battery drain but also not putting the batteries in the dryer device, because dehumidifying your batteries or using them in dry arctic or desert environments can drain batteries faster just as high humidity can.

Yeah, heat and cold thing, don’t expect to tote batteries around in your purse or car and hope they will work as well as the ones you’ve stored in your heat-controlled house. But then again when you need a new battery generally you are out or in the car, so better have a battery on you that will last 12 hours than no battery at all, right?

I wonder which is better though, I go to a tropical environment often with lots of moisture, so I put my two open batteries into my HA case which was then ziplocked in a bag with moisture removing bags… Never got around to testing whether it was better to leave it out at high humidity and heat or keep it in a back with low humidity and heat…

I’m ready to begin my battery life extension experiment tonight. I’ve gone through four sets of batteries in the 19 days that I’ve had the Ambras. Right at five days and the two aids are within minutes of each other because of coordinated program switching, but in spite of the output requirement being higher on the left side. Tonight it will be scotch tape time upon removal. Time will tell and I don’t expect much improvement.


I buy Costco batteries (312) which I find the best. When I take out my HA at night I open the battery door and place the HA in my dessicator. The batteries are so inexpensive that I change them weekly.

[quote=TerryB;51527]I’ve gone through four sets of batteries in the 19 days that I’ve had the Ambras.

Wow! That’s different from my experience! I’ve had my Ambra MicroPs for 15 days now, and changed the batteries on the 10th day when they gave me the low battery signal. I’ve been using the batteries the Audi gave me with her name as the “brand” but they say “Made in Germany by VARTA”

My batteries are called PowerOne and are German by Varga.
Mine are 312 in use 16-17 hr/day.


How goes the battery tests? Which 4 brands are you testing? I was given Rayovac Extra by my Audi, just the start of day 2 w/ my new Audeo S Smarts today!

Also, does anyone know a good place (even online) to order cheap batteries in the US (NY)?

If you want to buy in person, Costco’s batteries are quite cheap. I can get a pack of 30 batteries for just over $9 at my local Costco. The size 312 batteries my Oticon Acto Pros take last about 8 days.

If you want to buy online, the forums’ sponsor (see banner ad at top of screen) likely has many options for you.