Batteries Expiration Dates

Hello Everyone, I am new to the Forum and brand new to wearing Hearing Aids. I just have a question on Hearing Aid Batteries. I bought some Batteries on sale at Target - Powerone - size p10 and without realizing it, when I got home I noticed there where a sticker on the back covering up the date. I removed the sticker to see the date and it reads - Aug-2011.

These batteries were originally $12.99 for a pack of 6 and were reduced to $3.26. Are they any good “now” and should I return them. I purchased them less than a week ago, actually days before I picked up my new Hearing Aid. I called to Audiologist to find out the size before I purchased them without any knowledge of expiration dates.

Looking forward to your answer(s).


They are probably OK if the stickers are intact. In my experience, expired batteries may not last as long as fresh ones.

If you get 100x326/1299 = 25% of the rated charge capacity (which some say is 105 hours [at 1 mA current draw]) out of them then I guess you don’t have a gripe.