Batteries case which fits in jeans small pocket


I’m looking for 312 batteries case which would fit in jeans small pocket.
Original case where comes batteries in six, is perfect in size. But unfortunately it’s made from paper which breaks down very soon after being in the pocket.
Same case fully made from plastic would be perfect. I just haven’t found one. Does anyone know where on the internet I can find such case?

Last year, while in Costco, I stopped by the hearing aid counter to ask if they sold a battery case.

They gave me one like this, except is says “Costco” on it.

No, my HAs didn’t come from Costco.

TexasBob: I can’t see your attachment but I got one that looks exactly like the Rayovac one that JustEd linked to on Amazon. And yes it says something about Costco instead.

I don’t know why the attachment didn’t work. I’ve changed it to a link now. Yes, it’s like the Rayovac case. I just keep it clipped to my key ring and hardly ever notice it.

I keep a set of batteries in the dial holder, a small brush, spare set of filters and 0.7mm fishing line (to clean the vent) all in a small fabric pouch and an alternative leather pouch. Easily fits in the pocket (unlike the normal hardcases that HAs normally come with). I never find the paper dial denigrating over the time I use the six batteries. Just an alternative suggestion. I picked up both pouches many years ago with early HA purchases, but they do seem hard to find now so not sure where to get them.

I’ve got a pile of them sitting in the shop - Resound/Oticon usually ships at least one spare fabric/soft carry case with their aids. Sometimes you end up with a few spare if the aids are boxed individually rather than as pairs.

When I asked in recent years audiologists and companies here in Australia, and looked online, they tend to be ‘large’ pouches for BTEs, rather than these nice compact pouches I’ve had for many years which fit nicely in the pocket and can even hold the two CICs as well. The larger one I have is 9cm (3 1/2") x 6cm (2 1/3").

This sort of thing.

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Add a tissue to keep them from rattling…

Thanks, Doc Jake!

Contact lens soaking cases are small cheap and pocket friendly, but only suitable for two batteries.