Baton rouge, la Costco hearing aid center

Does anyone have experience with the baton rouge, la Costco hearing aid center?

I purchased my first HAs at the Baton Rouge Costco in the summer of 2016. The service has been excellent. I recently went in for a “check up.” I was given a complete hearing test, my aids were adjusted to the new results (only mild changes), and then my hearing checked with the aids in my ears. Over the 3+ years I’ve owned the aids, Costco has replaced the receivers once (I exercise a lot, with my aids getting a lot of moisture from sweat almost every day) and sent one aid back to Resound for service. Resound sent a new aid as a replacement within a week. All of this service has been at no cost and no argument.

I have recommended Costco to everyone who asks, and 7 people have purchased aids there based on my recommendations. All have been very happy with the service and, of course, the price. In a year or two, I plan to replace the KS6s. I would not think of using anyone other than Costco.

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