BAHA Programming


One would think I’d be estatic over getting my second BP 100. Well I am still steaming over the fact that the audi charged me a 200 dollar programming fee. #$#$#$#… This programing took 15 minites at the most, more like 5 minites. This is not an hearing aid I bought off of e-bay and brought to them to program… This aid was purchased through this audi’s/ doctors office… never did they mention “oh by the way we are going to ram you for an extra 200 dollars to program the aid that you just bought through your insurance.” :mad:

The original appointment was supposed to be on June 7th, nevertheless, the audi’s office called a few hours before the appoint and changed the date to the 9th.

"How does that sound?"the audi says. I replied; "The volume is very low can you turn up the volume?..The audi says; “No, maybe when you come back on your next appointment…”

The last time this Professional audi programmed my first BAHA… she was so unfamiliar with the software she bungled it all up… due to poor sound quality I sent the BAHA in for repair… the repair guys said its not the BAHA it is the programming.

Give the end users the software to do their own programming…



Why not just go another audiologist or a clinic with a hospital that has been working with Bahas for at least ten years?



I tried too

The only other audi in town with the software to program the BP100’s said I shoud stick with my current audi