Bad cold, and more loss

This has not been a good year for my hearing. In February , I had a nasty cold – the first for a long time. It left me with much less HF hearing, than I had before.

I was able to increase the gain of the right HA at 5.1k upward.

Unfortunately, I also had an increase in distortion, and now find it very difficult to understand voices. It also had a big impact on my loop system I use for the TV, which is unusable with the loop now. I can only just hear the TV sound with the aids, but not enough to understand everything said. I needed a little more gain, without too much distortion.

After having a think, I found that headphones were a sort of answer, but I have to use a stereo volume control, to adjust the volume to each ear. Ear hooks were the next thought, but they do not work as well, so still thinking on that.

My ears are like wax factories. At least twice a month, I have blocked ear canals, and bicarb drops take a long time to work.

Searching for an answer, suction wax removal gadgets work for some, but many say they are useless. I am going to try something with a curly end, which get some better reviews. I have a gadget that squirts a jet of warm water into the canal, to flush out wax. It’s not very efficient, and only works some times. I know it pushes the wax against the ear drum, because it often makes it worse.

Sorry for the long post…

Seems you thread should be something about ear wax removal.
I have used a couple drops of mineral oil in the ear and let it soak for 10-15 minutes then flush out with warm water cleans the wax out pretty good.
Plugged up sinuses messes with my hearing too.

Bought some ear drops from Boots for a relative with blocked ears. You can only use them for 4 days. Every time they were used the wax went white and bubbled, after 4 days normal hearing was restored with clear ears-very impressive stuff! We asked the pharmacist for advice but they got them from off the shelf, sorry can’t remember the name.

Also if you’re old enough to have Medicare and go to the right medical provider, ear cleaning can be entirely covered by Medicare (and one’s supplemental insurance policy). I have waxy ears, too, and have had my ears cleaned every 6 months at a university medical center. They bill the government to me what seems like an outrageous amount and in return Medicare reimburses them very little but they never charge me any co-pay,

But I’ve done something similar to what Raudrive suggests. I very lightly coat my molds, avoiding the receiver openings and wires and any surfaces in the same plane, with grocery-store olive oil. Besides lubricating the insertion of my molds, it seems to soften any wax that sticks to my molds, making it easier when I clean the molds with a Jodi-Vac to vacuum debris up and I actually wonder (but have no good evidence) whether the softening effect helps extract wax from my ears when I remove the molds at the end of each day, thereby providing a daily minor ear cleaning. But this is pure speculation on my part.

Member68, I got a prescription for Prednisone that I filled and now keep on hand for an emergency sudden hearing loss occurrence. That way if I get a cold or an ear infection and I notice a sudden hearing loss I can start taking a course of Prednisone immediately.

Sometimes starting to take Prednisone or a similar steroid QUICKLY when you notice the hearing loss will prevent the loss from becoming permanent. If you have to wait to get an appointment with an ENT and then fill the prescription before you start taking it it will usually be too late.

I’ve done this a couple of times. I don’t know if it helped. Maybe my hearing would have completely come back anyway. But I don’t think it can hurt, as long as you don’t do it often. Of course, ask your doctor and follow his/her advice.

Hi Raudrive.

Thanks for the reply.

Mineral oil comes in a variety of prices. Bicarb seems to work eventually.

Hi tinkyp.

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Boots have a choice. Some include a bulb to flush out the ear. This can take a few days to work, I am looking for an instant remedy if there is one.

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Hi Jim.

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Not sure about this, as I find oil on my moulds can be messy. It always seems to get into the vent or tube, either boosting bass, or no hearing at all. I don’t know if it helps to draw the wax out either, but if it works, that’s good.

Hi Ziploc.

Thanks for your reply.

That is what I had when I first lost my hearing, and it did not help. Fortunately I do not get bad colds very often, in fact I cannot remember when I last had one. I know you have to act quickly when you have a sudden loss though.

Hi, John. It’s just the thinnest layer of oil. I have a dropper bottle that I got on Amazon and I put a small drop of olive oil on a small Corelle (Corning Glass) plate. Then I touch my finger tip gently to the drop to just pick up a small amount of oil. Everyone’s molds and ear canals are different but when I pull my molds out at the end of the day, I might see very teeny tiny droplets of oil on the main surface of the molds but I never see any oil on the surface with the receiver openings. Some wax may end up there but it ~never goes down very far into the receiver bores and is easy to vacuum out with my Jodi-Vac.

I’m going to try Raudrive’s mineral oil/ear flushing suggestion: Bad cold, and more loss. Normally I don’t like flushing my ears with water in a squeegee bulb because I don’t like the pressure on my ear drum. My wife gave me a free medical sample of an interesting device that generates three slightly to the side water streams. The company that makes it wants to sell it as a disposable irrigation tool to providers and although she got a little colorful product card brochure with the sample, the company website offers next to no information about the irrigation device (all flash and no substance?!). The little card shows the tool of all things on a Portable Waterpik! - but she said the rep said that it could be used on a large syringe - so I plan to try it with a 20 ml syringe filled with warm water. I don’t think I’d like shooting streams of water on a Waterpik into my ear! Ouch!

Hi Jim.

Looking through the wax removal gadgets, I did see one that sprayed a jet of water at the side of the canal. I have a spray that shoots a stream of warm water straight into the ear, and I don’t feel it hit the ear drum. It does sometimes flush out wax, but more often I think it pushes wax onto the ear drum. It’s time then to use bicarb drops and hope. Not that they are always successful,

This is why I am thinking of getting something with a screw end, that you twist and remove the wax. The vacuum gadgets don’t have enough suction to remove wax, according to the reviews.

I do have very dry skin in the outer ear, and have been using Hydromol wax just wiping in the ear on my finger. It’s thicker than oil, so wont block anything up.