Bacteria in my ear


Thanks hamjor1.

There was no fluid found, so I will just wait and see for now. This is the first infection in thirteen years, caused by the weather being a bit too hot.


I am glad to say, my hearing is now back to how it was before the infection. About three weeks ago, I tried my NHS Nathos aids. The distortion was still there, and I began to think this was the new norm.
Yesterday I got a bit fed up, and tried the Nathos again. Hearing was much better than the Q70`s.
Today I had a look at the Q70 settings, and could not see a problem. Trying them, proved they were still distorted, even after the known good settings were loaded.

I tried a factory re-set, but got an error message. Tried again, and it told me there was a firmware problem. They no longer connect, so it`s a job for the repair man…

I do not understand how the aids can become corrupt, and distorted.


A few weeks ago, my Naida Q70 UP`s went faulty. Target could not connect them, telling me there was an error.

I sent them to a repair clinic, who could not get a replacement amplifier for the left. So an amplifier from a Sky Q70 was fitted. Unfortunately, the aids could not communicate with each other, and the Sky Q did not seem to change programs either.

I sent them back, and they have now been returned to me as not working. Target cant even detect them, saying there is an error exception. Very unfortunate, but I have tweaked my Nathos to be almost as good. A sad ending to what I hoped was something a little better. But thats life!