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I have profound hearing loss in both ears. I have tried Miracle-Ear and now wear Beltone Boost Plus. I can not understand speech when more than one person is speaking or watch TV with music or other noise is in background. I am hoping someone can suggest a HA that I can at least hear some of the missing words. Thanks



sounds like you need a top of the line aid and the accessories to help with hearing in noise, a TV streamer for the TV, and a microphone for talking in noise, bluetooth for your phone. Resound quatttro nine, or Phonak miracle 9 , or some equivalent. The accessories will help you enormously. I think Cosco sells some good ones with that may work.



Thanks for the reply. I have all the bells and whistles. Remote-TV Streamer- Phone clip-MyPal. My problem is not volume it is understanding speech. Beltone Plus is the same as the ReSound. The highest gain they make. Guess I have to be satisfied with hearing some things and guessing others



Not all accessories are the same. My OPN TV streamer is much better than the Resound one I had before. The voices are crystal clear.

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It is not only the TV Streamer but also Phone and one on one conversation. I am glad to hear anything since I can not hear a thing without them.



That low frequency loss in your right ear makes it tuff to program that aid I would think. Your hearing loss is a difficult issue for speech. Hopefully the pros and members with better knowledge of your type of hearing loss will chime in soon.

The man I bought my Naida UP aids from has done cochlear implants on both ears. He did one at a time due to being scared of losing all hearing at once. He said it took right at one year for understanding to come from that first CI. He then did the second and quickly got understanding from that CI. Before doing the CI’s his word recognition was around 10 or less. After the CI’s his word recognition is above 90. He said that he should have done the CI’s sooner.



I would see an audiologist not a hearing aid specialist. Preferably one that specializes in profound losses.

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Resound (beltone) have pretty robust noise reduction but I think all brands are initially set up to have mild noise reduction. Have you been back for adjustments, specifically to crank up noise reduction?