Background noise in Phonak Naida S UP

Hello all.
This is my first post. I wear the Phonak Naida S IX UP (profound hearing loss) and so far I am very satisfied. All sounds are as clear as possible and comfortable, apart from the air condition. The audi had reduced the background noise, which made it more comfortable, but the a/c is still loud enough, persistent and bothers me. Notably, the noise of the traffic is not bothersome.
Is it possible to reduce the noise of the a/c without affecting the intensity of the rest of sounds?

turn your a/c off?

How long have you been wearing these devices? How long has the a/c been bothering you? If they are new to you, then just keep wearing the devices, the sound of the a/c will become less bothersome over time. Your ears are probably still adjusting to that sound. If you have had the devices for a long time and it has always been bothersome, then do as Doc Jake says and turn your a/c off, or invest in a new one that is quieter.

My Naida Q70s have a noise reduction feature that reduces that type of noise. I can walk into a room with that type of white noise and I can actually hear the aids reducing the noise after a few seconds of sampling.

I have no idea if your Naida aids have that feature available.