I have seen the Azure presentation and it looks quite good
Any experiences, its been a while since resound came out with a completely
new concept.

Lamborghini lm001 history

I tried the Pulse for 30 days, and am now trying the Azure. I was very happy with the Pulse, having used Widex or America Hears ITEs in the past. The battery charger for the Pulse is nice, and as their marketing says, it’s hassle-free hearing. I forget I’m wearing the aids.

Having tried the Azure’s for 30 days, I can say that I like the “natural directionality” that they advertise, and found that I liked the sound overall. The Azure has a warmer sound, whereas I found the Pulse to have a brighter sound, if that makes any sense.

I couldn’t really adjust to the way the Azures felt behind my ears, though. It’s shaped differently than the Pulse, and uses a 13 zinc-air battery, versus the 312 for the Pulse. I also had trouble with one or the other aids battery dying after a couple of days. I finally figured out that they’re susceptible to perspiration, which causes the battery to stop working and give the appearance that it’s dead. After a few minutes of drying out, it would come back to life.

The battery door on the Azure was also different, making it awkward to insert or remove that chubby 13 battery. And I also preferred the tubing and fit of the tubing of the Pulse. The thin tube just snaps onto the Pulse, whereas the Azure, which come standard with a regular tone hook and requires a kit to convert to thin tube, has tubes which screw onto the thin tube tone hook. I found it hard to screw back on after removing it to clean the tube out, but the Pulse was easy to snap on and off, since it’s designed from the start as an open fit aid.

I also determined that as currently set, the Pulse is more dependable for speech intelligibility. I’m sure the Azure could be tweaked to be better, but in certain very quiet or very noisy situations, I prefer the Pulse to the Azure.

I’m going back to my audiologist on Monday to return the Azures and finalize the purchase of the Pulse’s.

EDIT: Also, the wind noise management on the Pulse is superior to the Azure.

that is a surprise to me

i live the shape of the pulse and the charger looks simply hi tech