Azure BTE vs. Dot

Has anyone seen both, and what’s the size on them? Would you say the Dot is the size of a dime, or smaller, larger, and is the Azure the size of a quarter?

Also, for someone who wants to minimize the visibility of a HA, is the Dot worth the compromises compared to the Azure (the Azure has longer battery life and the ability to change profiles with a press of the button)?

I’ve worn both, and the dot is tiny - it takes a 10 battery and is really tiny. The Azure by comparison is a large aid, but still a mini-BTE - it takes a 13 battery. EDIT - my Azure comments are based on the model introduced in 2007, not the update model in the slimmer housing introduced in April '08.

You’ll get right at 6 days battery life in the dot, and 21 or so in the Azure. I never bothered changing programs with the Azure, so the dot was just fine with me.

The dot is a receiver in canal aid, whereas the Azure can be configured as a regular or open fit thin tube BTE. If you have wax buildup issues, you may prefer the Azure, as the cleaning of wax from the thin tube is less involved than cleaning the receiver and wax guard on the dot.

If I hadn’t had perspiration issues with the Azure and the dot, I’d be wearing one of them today. As it is, I’ve had no issues with perspiration with the Pulse aids I’ve had for about 11 months, so I’m still wearing them and still very happy.

I’m still waiting for the release next month of the be by ReSound. It looks like an interesting concept to give you an open fit and the best cosmetics.

it will be nice to see what audiological features are available, i would also like to see
how durable would be the microphone given that people do pull it all the time…

the concept of the BE is off the hook

be by Resound…oh no…wait another month or two? I’ve been living with this problem for years and haven’t bought a HA due to vanity, high prices, inconvenience, and frustration with the tacky design of many models I’ve seen.

Thanks for the helpful links on the be. What is it that seems to be the improvement in the be, and is it worth waiting for? As I say, I’ve postponed the purchase enough already, and am not necessarily in a rush…

The be is being marketed as an open fit in the ear device. Nothing plugging up the ear to cause occlusion - that tunnel voice sound of your own voice, no lump of stuff visible in or on your ear, and for those of us with perspiration issues with BTEs, that issue goes away.

i was told GN expect it would only work for about 1/3 of people since it is not a custom made product, so it would not be for everybody

i still like to see what feat. will it pack

What size battery does the BE take?

I’m curious about that too. I almost think that to get the size small enough, the need to have put in a rechargeable battery setup in the be that’s smaller than existing “replaceable” zinc air batteries.

i was given a dummy… it looks like you could open the batery drawer…
to fit a size 10…

again, we would like to see what audi. features it will have…