Avoiding mistakes on first HA purchase

Hi everyone,

I have been learning from this forum for a few weeks and decided to join. You do a great job sharing information and advice about a very serious life-quality affecting problem. Thanks!!

I am reaching the end of my trial period for my Siemens Intuis Life BTE. They have made a great improvement in my hearing and ability to communicate, particularly at work. I have severe hearing loss beginning at 1500 cycles and dropping to -90 DB at 3k.

A couple questions:

How can you tell if they are adjusted for too much gain: Should people speaking loudly almost hurt your ears. I’ll take this up with him tomorrow, but it’s decision time and I’d like to go in informed.

What mistakes should I avoid making? Are there any that are common to first time buyers? It’s a chunk of money and I don’t want to make any avoidable errors.

Thanks for your help.

I give you the best advice, you need to ask for real ear measurement …
NO rem No sale…

What is real ear measurement?