Avio5 advice for newbie

I’ve been struggling with hearing loss for several years and finally came to the realization that I needed help. I went to an audi last week and she recommended going to Costco. Went there yesterday and tested out an Avio5 OTE.

This is my first hearing aid. As long as there is no delay in shipping, I expect them to arrive today. During my trial period (90 days), what sorts of things should I be looking for? I noticed when I tried the trial pair on, I was overwhelmed by all the “little” noises like the chair squeaking, the fluorescent bulbs humming, paper shuffling etc. I asked the audi about this and he explained these are the little things that I was missing for years. I was kind of annoyed by all the extraneous sounds. I suppose in time, I will get used to it.

It felt like there was a PA system in my ear when someone spoke. It didn’t sound “natural” or like what I am used to. It sounded kind of artificial if that makes sense. It was definitely loud and clear, just very different than what I am used to hearing. Is that normal?

As far as adjustments for things like noise gating, is that something that can only be adjusted by an audi? Or is that something I can adjust at home?

I have an iPhone. I don’t hear on it very well when I put my ear to the receiver, but I hear relatively well when I use my earbuds/microphone that came with the iPhone. I won’t be able to use the earbuds anymore, at least I don’t think I can with the HA in my ear canal. Will the telecoil work ok with the iPhone? Or will I need something else to be able to use the Avio5 with my phone?

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Sounds like you may just need an adjustment. I would let the Audiologist make the adjustments because they usually know exactly what you mean, and how to tweak the HA’s to suit your needs. I was not sure about the iPhone, so I did a little research for you. Apple has officially come out to say that the iPhone is not hearing aid compatible yet (this includes the telecoil). With this being said there may be some sort of ‘boot’ (a device that connects the iPhone directly to the hearing aid, instead of using ear buds) for your Avio5. Your Audiologist should know, and if they do not I would call the manufacturer. If price is not an issue there are also now Bluetooth compatible hearing aids on the market which would probably sync up to the iPhone, but you would have to double check. These may be something worth looking into as well. I hope this helps you my friend.