Average life expectancy of hearing aids

Which do you think gives the best hearing experience? Always learning.

Eh, I’m being a bit cheeky. I don’t know what your ear anatomy is like, and if you have small ear canals the fit might not really be that open. I don’t know how your REM looks. But there are limits to how much low frequency gain one can provide with an open fit. I’d worry that an open fit with that loss is missing a lot. Or maybe you just hate low frequency gain. Some people hate their own voice and road noise more than they like a full range of sound. Have you already tried custom tips and rejected them?

First set: Oticon Intiga = 8 years until the left pickup/wire/speaker gave out & knew it was past time for an update. Even then, though you couldn’t get replacements my Audio had a spare slightly longer wire & gave me that – so still have these in working order as a backup. The great thing about the long wait was the jump in tech with the new set was just outstanding.

But the Oticons obviously were pre-rechargeable; as others have stated or inferred, I would plan on no more than 5yrs+/- from rechargeables unless you can replace the batteries.

In any case for me going forward I’ll be planning on max 4-5yrs; this time likely no more than 3-4 since I’m already looking forward to some advances that were released only 6 months after I got the last set.

For what it’s worth, the VA sets 4 years as the amount that your hearing aids should last until they are replaced. They will go more often if the current aids are not giving you the amount of help that you need, and they can not be programmed to give you a better hearing experience. I am at 3 1/2 years on my current set and they have ordered me new aids to be delivered in mid November.

In New Zealand, the Ministry of Health’s Hearing Aid Subsidy Scheme is available once every six years - and that determines for me their life expectancy.

Backups work great as long as your loss remains the same. With a progressive loss the old aids just don’t cut it anymore. Fortunately my audi has always had a loaner available.

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I have a pair of bernafon chronos 9’s I wore for eight years and they still work. I use them now and then when I’m doing something I don’t want to ruin my new Resounds I’ve had for two years. The Resounds were replaced once already because of bad batteries. If I get another three years I’d be happy.

This is exactly why I opted for disposable batteries on my new aids. Can’t wait!

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I kind of wish I had gone that way myself although the rechargeables are easy to deal with. This new pair are holding a charge and the first pair didn’t. Good luck with your new aids.

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I’ve had CIC style hearing aids for 20 years now, for me the lifespan for a pair has been about 5 to 6 years average. When I have retired a pair at 5 to 6 years, they have still been working, but the shells were brittle, the internals were starting to have corrosion issues (from sweat), and you have to remember that hearing aids are much like a computer in that the technology in them gets dated pretty quickly. Hearing aid technology continues to advance, when you upgrade to a new pair you tend to gain new benefits from the latest and greatest technology…even if your hearing aids are still functioning fine at year 5 and 6 you should still consider upgrading then to take advantage of the latest technology.

A pair of “low-level” tech CIC custom hearing aids is around $5,000 for a pair, the highest tech level puts you at around $7,000 for the pair. Note that this pricing is in the US and is higher than other providers in my area due to my selected provider having actual doctors of audiology on staff, they provide an excellent level of service, and they continue to invest in having the latest and greatest equipment on hand for testing and support; I don’t mind paying a little more because the results I’m achieving are far better than the cheaper places I have tried in the past.

I have a pair of Oticon OPN’s I got back on 10/11/18. They were sent into Oticon back in 10/2/19 just for a Tune-up before the warranty went off. I talked with the Audi last yr. about a new pair and she mentioned at that time I could send the OPN’s in for rebuilding, Cost, $350.00 ea… I haven’t talked with her lately to see if I could still do a rebuild on them. Anyone out there have any thoughts on sending a 4 yr. old pair of aids out for rebuilding? PS these were rechargeable and when they came back from the “Tune-Up” they did have new batteries.

“rebuilding”? I’m not sure what you audi means. Can you be more specific? It would seem that simply sending you the latest model would be cheaper…

But it’s very good that you got new batteries on warranty! this will be my strategy going forward.