Aventa 1.6 and Quattro upgrade

This slipped out under our radar (27th Feb), probably as part of the expansion of the line to include the Quattro Enzo etc.

The main reason for mentioning it, is that 1.6 has a firmware upgrade for existing Quattro aids. It takes under 10mins and is wireless. Might be handy if you are experiencing any connectivity issues.

You can force your Aventa to look for the upgrade using the Menu option on the far right of the red bar in the main fitting screen.


I’m curious I have 1,6 and Quattro however when bringing up menu as you mention Firmware upgrade is grayed out I use the Quattro rechargeable.

Thanks for reply

I can only assume that your aid already has the latest firmware. On the annual check of customers fitted with the early ones I’ve been prompted to upgrade them.

ok reason I ask is I contacted Resound support 2 months ago to inquire if Quattro Rechargeable could receive a firmware update via Smartfit/Aventa was was told not at that time but it was a work in progress so I was curious if this was the update they were working on. My Quattros are at 10043.4300