Avanco Hear

New ergonomic shape
Latest Receiver
Adaptive Microphone
Fitting Bandwidth 16 khz
Adaptive Noise Reduction
Adaptive Feedback reduction
Frequency Response Shaping
Precise Base
Balanced Equalised Sound across all frequencies
Bluetooth Wireless Programming - Using the Programming App (Supplied free)
Bluetooth Mobile Calls - Straight to your Avanco IIC
Bluetooth Music & TV - Straight to your Avanco IIC
Wireless Charging using the Wireless Charging Station & Micro USB Cable (Supplied free)
Fully charged in just 2.5 hours and this will power your Avanco hearing aid all day.
Water Resistant
Invisible In The Ear
Binaural Processing
Binaural Coordination

Output 119 dB SPL
Full on Gain 63 dB
Fitting Range 0 - 90 dB (Mild to Severe Hearing Loss)

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Email: paul@palcodas.com
Website: www.palcodas.com