Availability of Bose Hearing Aids?

I’m curious about the Bose Hearing Aids, and if anyone has information about their expected availability. I’m considering buying Phonak Marvels, but would like to try the Bose Hearing Aids first, since they are expected to be much less expensive.

To clarify: Bose has received FDA approval to bring hearing aids to market, as per this article on Hearing Tracker - A First Look at the Bose Hearing Aid - Self-Fitting Bose "Hearing Aid" Resembles Bose Hearphones

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Currently, by law, Bose cannot call their device a hearing aid. But, we can!

I do find my new $6000 Phonak Marvel M90s better than my $500 Hearphones but my $500 Heaphones were better than my previous Siemens $6000 hearing aids.

Have you heard anything on pricing? We are talking Bose here so I wouldn’t automatically expect ‘cheap’.