Autosense and stereozoom are they really useful?

A question for all Phonak hearing aid owners. I have been testing some Lumity L90 for over a month now and after various tests I have come to the conclusion that Autosense OS and stereozoom are more harmful than anything else. In my opinion they do nothing but reduce sounds and give the feeling of being closed in a bubble. With my hearing aid specialist we have set the quiet program as default and things are much better. Opinions about it? Has anyone turned them off? Could it just be a setting issue?

Did your hearing aid specialist do REM?
You didnt post your audiogram .
Disabling noise block might help


That is not the experience of most people on the forum that have the Lumity. If that is how you’re going to use them you’d likely do just as well with a L30 or L50 and save some money.


Or get a cheap Audeo Marvel, that will save you lots of $$$

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Certainly if one is buying used. Is there much difference in price from an audiologist if one is buying new?

There can be. While there is not really a huge difference in pricing between new and old chips at the same level generally, sometimes a manufacturer will heavily discount their oldest entry level device.


I meant second hand Audeo Marvel