AUTOMATIC Program Change


Which HA have Automatically program changing according to the adoptive environment
Because I heard the Hearing Aids manually change the program via Mobile app or Push Switch or Remote control??


I believe it varies. The main, basic, required program in my KS7’s (Rexton Emerald) has several modes in it that can respond “to the adoptive environment”. But it doesn’t switch to any other program like a telecoil program automatically. That has to be done manually. (or the magnet response)


I think all major manufacturer’s hearing aids have an auto program.


There’s more to it than meet-the-eye. The Oticon OPN in its default program will automatically adjust its various noise reduction settings smoothly from simple listening environments to complex listening environments such that you can use just one program for most listening environments without needing multiple programs and the automatic changes between these programs.

I think this is the ultimate simplicity from the user’s perspective. I use the single default program almost 100% of the times.


I will checked this one out,sounds like that is what I need. I have the Ks8 and always having to use all of the 6 programs! hate having to keep adjusting,will returned them this week for a refund.


These are the internal modes that my KS7’s in Connexx have:

The Automatic program will sense these surroundings and adjust accordingly. There are gain settings for each mode. It’s called Smart Equalizer. I would imagine the KS8’s would be much the same.

Aids can't settle on mode to be in

My KS8’s would not do this! I was always changing programs,did turned them in and got a refund,will try the Resounds Forta,wish me luck


Yes, the KS8 recognizes the sound situation and acts accordingly. For example, one environment it recognizes is car, and it muffles the road noise making it easier to hear voices in the car. This is automatic and is a separate thing from the manual program settings, 1 -6.


I was just searching for this information as my VA documents say that my default program is automatic settings. I have to admit that I am getting to the point that I am only using the default and TV. I really thought I would miss the t-coils but so far I haven’t


I only use my automatic program or my EasyRoger program. Never have to touch my program button. I wear Phonak Brio P-UP.