Aurical Avs

I started to use my Aurical VSM, it takes counceling to a different level
has any body use it? does any body like it? or use a similar tool?

I’ve used the Aurical before, but I wasn’t crazy about it because of the lack of targets for speech and other stimuli. It’s been a couple of years, so they may have changed that since.

I use a AudioScan verifit that has similar capabilities- a variety of speech inputs, ICRA noise, pink noise, as well the ability to use real live speech and match it to an output target.

The one thing I really did like about the Aurical was the hearing loss simulator (which the Verifit doesnt have). It is a good counselling tool; however, the simulator based strictly on an audibility model. A true hearing loss simulation would have to take into account reduced bandwidth, frequency resolution, inner hair cell loss, dead regions, etc. Nonetheless, for clinical counselling, I thought it was a great tool.

I consider the audiscan but the screen looks rudimentary
almost DOS like…

It is a good equipment… But The aurical tools are alot better

it is way cheaper to