Auditory training


Hi guys! I am doing auditory training on Sensoton and so far I am really sacrificed!
How long did you do the training?
10 minutes a day? 30 mins?

I am looking forward for your answers


Hi guys,

I would like you to give some feedback about the online auditory training program from Sensoton.

So far I am very happy with the training and I notice some improvements in difficulty hearing situations.
I do the training for 15 minutes a day.

What is your experience, how long do you do the training each day?

Looking forward for your answer


You’re the first I’ve heard doing this particular training. I’ve heard musical training can help with speech in noise situations.



yes, my doctor told me about this particular training because I had still problems with the speech understanding in difficult situations - like restaurants.
So far it is really helpful.


How many days have you been doing it?

The link to the site spells cochlear implants as “cochlea implants” so I’m pleasantly surprised to hear you’re having success.

Have you been able to objectively verify this? Like by getting your word recognition in noise retested after taking this?

I did LACE training and noticed no improvement at all.

Do you have any affiliation with this company? I can’t help but notice the contact person on the website is also named Julian.