Auditory Neuropathy

I’ve been diagnosed with Auditory Neuropathy, does anybody else have this??
I’ve also lost the ‘low’ tones, I’m qualified to get the CI but have to have one more test to see if my nerve damage is in the right place for be to benifit from the CI…this is all new to me, my deafness just sort of came on with in the last few years…
I’m completely deaf in my right ear, and now my good ear is going…:frowning:

I have had patients with auditory neuropathy and it is very important that your Audiologist and ENT determines your candidacy. If you are a candidate, hearing can often be restored quite well with the CI.

What area are you in and are you being diagnosed and treated at a well known facility?

Are you using hearing aid now and if you are, do they help at least a little?

Also, if you are using, what type do you use?