AudioSync Isync

Finally got my new aids yesterday. Well, one of them anyway, the right one has to be remade, as it didn’t fit right.

Although, we were trying for Isync’s, my ear canals are the wrong shape. My Audi told me they would make them as small as they possibly could, and they did ! They are ITC.
Have all the same features and technology, just a tad bit bigger.

I have to say I am impressed. I’ve had the one for just over 24 hrs, so far it’s comfortable, I can hear great, I can drive with the window down in my car, I can cradle the phone on my shoulder. I feel so normal ! LOL !

This is what I have learned regarding the T2 remote function. It’s not entirely a flaw in the aid, You have to have a phone that still has a DTMF keypad. Alot of landline cordless phones, don’t use that anymore. There are none in my life that do. Phone manufacturers have moved away from that. I have come across several cell phones that do have DTMF. I played with T2 using a cell, and it worked great. I don’t expect to have to play with the volume alot, but it is good to have the option.

I think my biggest thing is with having dysfunctional Eustachian tubes, ( there are days when they just don’t open ), then I, think it would be good to get a little more volume.

So, I guess my only concern is what exactly to call them,cause they’re not true “isync” aids.

I have 75 days to trial them. So we will see how they handle other life situations ! :slight_smile:

forgot to mention, My Audi said they are coming out with a streamer for isync aids, not sure if it was to be released this yr or not.