Audiometrics address

@audiometrix_hearing. Can you provide me with a current mailing address ?


Pretty sure these are the same guys.

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Now goes under the name Hear-Tech, but address is the same as you linked to.

Not sure what to think. I purchased a pair of HA’s from AM. I used the address on the paper work that came with the HA’S to send in my warranty card/paper work. Nearly 2 Wells later the letter returned with “return to sender” label.

685 Citadel Dr East
Colorado Springs, Co

I guess I’ll have to wait and see if Gabe has a different Addy!!

That is not our current address. I’ll send you a message with our current info.

@audiometrix_hearing I can’t seem to find a way to send you an IM. Is it due to the fact you are suspended for 1000 years?

Can you contact me please.

If you think he’s suspended then how do you suppose he would contact you here?
Scroll up this thread and check out some earlier posts here and you should be able to find his contact info.

Was told by the man himself that he had been booted…

Thanks alpine1. As was I. I was wondering how aggie60 thought audiometrix would be able to get back to him.

Well, I thought he might have someone else keeping tabs here. But I am willing to say it was probably stupid.

Yeah. Sorry for being moronic. It just struck me that way. And I also thought after my moronic posts that sure yeah he could use another id and keep quiet and maybe PM to you on the down low.

As it turns out buyhear quoted my request for purchase of miniPro and cables immediately and I already ordered. So moot anyway. :grinning:

Great. That’s where I got my stuff too. Although Audiometrix claims a lower price. I still think you could’ve found contact information in the links provided above.

I did and sent Audiometrix an email last night. But the buyhear price that I got immediately was about the same as another member got buying piecemeal. So I went for it.

You’ve probably found a bit of the history around these programming boxes. When we learned that Buyhear would sell them at a great price several of us jumped… myself included. The price rose a bit unfortunately. Then audiometrix announced that they have the real HIPro (serial) in stock for the first lower price. I would have kinda preferred the real thing but by then it was too late.

Prices for this gear seem to be stabilizing.

Anyway I will be posting in the HA section my experiences when I get this kit and my new Opns.

Thanks for your input.