Audiologists in London


Hi guys,
I’m planning visiting London for a week, middle of March. Really disapointed from my country’s HA services, looking for new hearing aids, interested in new tecnhologies in Otticon OpN and Widex Beyond. I am also curious to visit the local Costco store. Any suggestions about really good audiologists in London and near ?
Many Thanks in Advance !


Hi, I am in the UK & have found Amplifon have been very willing to help-but in my experience it is always tricky & you need multiple follow up visits to get programmed correctly. It seems to be about finding audiologists who are willing to help and have experience in fitting what you are wishing to try out. I don’t think you could get some without being able to go back for reprogramming though.


Amplifon are going to try to flog you their Resound offers, if you need fitting in London, look up Nick Clive if you can get an appointment.


Thank you any more contact info will be really appreciated!!! found ti on the net is it hm ?


thank you very much !


That’s him.



my sister used to visit a place called hearing solutions. You might want to check it out.