AUDIOLOGISTS -- Do you sign?

I live in Austin, Texas… a capitol for the Deaf in the US. I was offered two choices in terms of finding an audiologist. I asked why? My DARS counselor stated that most audiologists are not Deaf-friendly and do not sign. So… there are two in town that sign despite a Deaf cultural population of over 60,000 here.

If you do not sign… why not? I understand that you are trying to reverse the Deafness process but how do you communicate with your Deaf customers? Do you simply do not have the customer base for learning sign language? It seems like it would be completely logical for a person who works with hearing loss to know some sign language.

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Audiologists treat the hearing impaired, not the Deaf. The Deaf, by choice or nature, do not wear hearing aids, so where is the market demand for audiologists to know ASL?

There’s a very large market demand as it takes time to get booked with the two signing audiologists here… but that was a decent enough of an answer. ASL is a completely different language. I meant some sign language. It can be as basic as basic can be… let’s say a 50 word vocabulary, all audiologically related, such as audiogram, hearing aid, earmold, etc. Communication is the name of the game and considering you’re in the hearing loss business… chances are pretty good that you’re going to bump into a sign language user.