Audiologist vs Hearing Specialist


I have Oticon OPN1s that I purchased last September and today I went in for my 6 month check up, which included a hearing test, cleaning my pair of OPNs, and optimizing my program (no changes were needed because my hearing loss hasn’t changed).

Everything went fine—except the audiologist who originally evaluated my hearing loss, and recommended and programmed my OPNs had left the “clinic”, which is now staffed with two hearing specialists and a receptionist.

Should I be concerned that no one at this audiology clinic has an audiology degree or advanced training? They are very nice and so far they haven’t had to do much. I’m thinking about going with the status quo until I need to purchase new aids in 5 or so years. What would you do? Am I being an audio snob?



I am not convinced that there is a significant difference between a hearing aid specialist and an audiologist when it come to fitting hearing aids. I would stay there if you are happy with their service. For your next aids I would check out a Costco though.

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Thanks. That’s what I was thinking, too. I’m not happy because it’s hard to find a good audiologist in my area. There are no Costcos in Maine. The closest one in 135 miles away.



Might be worth the drive.

Costco has a very high satisfied costumer rating on the this site.
We are a little over an hour away from Costco, one way. The HIS told my wife she could expect about 4 adjustments to get the aids right for her. She is now thinking about getting her glasses there along with other household staples. In other words she is very happy with Costco.



I personally prefer my Audiologist, my only experience with a hearing aid specialist was a disaster

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