Audiologist Center Declines to Program Aids


So I purchased a pair of New Resound hearing aids from a authorized Resound Audiologist center in a country outside the USA. They were programmed by the center based on a prescription I provided. I was due for a renewed hearing exam and made an appointment with a local Resound Audiologist center. When I mentioned I also would like to have my current aids programmed and verified with real ear measurements I was asked for the serial numbers of the aids, when they discovered they were purchased in another country I was told “After speaking with our Rep at Resound because these were not purchased in the USA were are unable to service these aids at our facility. If you are still in a grace period and able to return them-we would be happy to help fit you with something locally.”
So I know that was BS and a pitch to buy from them, so I sent them a link which is a good read from American Academy Of Audiologist
"So, This Patient Shows Up in my Office with…" | Audiology
I had no problem finding another Audiologist that was willing to program and do the exam.



I agree. Sadly, many audiologists / hearing aid dealers view the concept of service as a measure of the depth in which they secure a reach into your pockets.

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I just post this reply to another question. The word MONEY always comes up.


My first thought is ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MONEY. Manufacturing HA’s must be cheap to make, the rest is PURE PROFIT down the line. A Renewable Money Maker every few years or so. I posed the question here before “what is the profit margin that the Audi’s make?” Knowing there are several Audi’s here, I never received an answer. Another indication of the HIGH Profit.
Just my 2 cents.



I think many have gotten into the mindset of being hearing aid salespeople. Marketing pressures have encouraged “free” exams and full service, so people are reluctant to pay for the value of somebodies time. I’m guessing with office overhead, $200 or more an hour would be about right for a fee and I think many would balk at paying that, but apparently are willing to pay $6k for a hearing aid and walk out with a smile.



I hate this. Some places also offer to do it for completely outrageous re-fitting fees. Thousands of dollars. It’s predatory.



Interesting concept. Probably right in many instances.