When I purchased my pair of Beltone Boost Plus they were programed without aid of an Audiogram because the satellite office did not have an AuD. I hear well streaming TV with my Link2 and the Phone with the Phone Clip. My problem area is understanding one on one conversation. I recently had an Audiogram free of charge and would like to know if I should go back to original office and reprogram them using the Audiogram?


Yes, have your hearing aids programmed to your audiogram using Real Ear Measures.


YES!!! what else is a branch office of bell tone without the ability to test hearing for??? I find it hard to believe any HA company would open an office without the ability to fit its hearing aid unless it gave you “free” (or complete the service) when you got you hearing test results.


It’s possible (maybe remotely so) that your Beltone satellite office could refuse to re-program your hearing aids/HAs due to liability issues that may arise from programming your HAs to someone else’s measurements. So you should ask them first.


That’s not right…
Yes, take it back to the Beltone dealer and “tell him” you want this new audio put into the hearing aids complete with adjustments…if he gives you even the slightest bit of guff, contact your State Audiology Board immediately…but I would anyway, don’t let this type of unprofessionalism continue…it harms the industry and patients alike…
I would think under certain conditions such as this, you may be able to get your money refunded as you were sold Medical Goods that were not prescribed to you…