Audiogram Testing Accuracy


Hello –

When I compare my most recent audiogram to the previous one, I notice that at some frequencies I have actually improved. I’ve heard that this isn’t supposed to happen. Both of my tests involved the use of a sound-proof room. .

I was wondering if this testing difference could be because of something different about me physiologically i.e blood pressure, various meds, room temperature, etc. Or could it be because of equipment differences since the previous tests, or equipment calibration, equipment wear and tear e.g headphones, etc.

Was wondering if there is a gold standard-type of test that really excels in accuracy – one that puts the sound-proof room test to shame.



For my test can vary due to how bad my tinnitus is at the time of the test. And my tinnitus is normally worse in the colder weather. It also can depend on how fast you hit the button to say you heard the sound. And I have seen once where at some frequencies I have better scores than before… But my hearing trend is down.


It takes concentration and fast response to get an accurate test so that human factor is probably responsible for any differences, more than equipment differences.


Test-retest variability is about 5 dB. Fatigue/illness can have a significant impact on speech testing. Water or wax against the eardrum can affect high frequencies a bit. A leak in the seal of the tranducers can affect low frequencies.