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My hearing test shows that at 3k I enter the moderate loss range and at 6k and I am enter the severe loss range. My audiologist says that I don’t need hearing aids (“you will not get the wow factor you expect”) because the disabling loss is at a frequency that is not used in ordinary everyday. use. Yet my sisters are constantly upset because I have to ask them to repeat themselves (women are at a higher frequency)…

What is your opinion? I understand that 70 % of people in the moderate loss range use hearing aids. I also hear that dementia can occur with hearing loss, and I want to avoid that.


Find another clinic.
You can also enter your audiogram on this site and then we can see what you have going on.


You audiologist isn’t wrong; with good hearing at 2 kHz you probably won’t get the “wow” factor. But if you feel you are struggling, I’d go ahead and do a trail.

Now is also a good time to talk to your family about how to talk to you to help you hear. It takes a lot of repetition and training to get your family to communicate with you well, and it’s good to start early.


How do I enter my audiogram on this site?


I wrote this up a while ago.


And since you know there is an issue work on focusing and listening; that can help too.



Blockquote Now is also a good time to talk to your family about how to talk to you to help you hear. It takes a lot of repetition and training to get your family to communicate with you well, and it’s good to start early.

@Neville How do you do this?. I’ve been trying for 32 yrs to train my family, husband and 2 adult children 30 yrs and 31 yrs and none of them can understand that they have to speak to my face. It’s got to the stage where I now ignore them until they speak to me and not to my back. I can hear they are speaking but cant understand what they are saying.


That’s not a bad strategy sometimes.

But have you ever had a serious sit down talk to specifically address the difficulties you experience, how it makes you feel that they DON’T adjust their behaviour to communicate with you, and how they can help you? I find that a lot of people mention it to their family, but it is almost in passing. And they do that over and over, but it is never really taken seriously and then the person with hearing loss just feels frustrated and powerless. I believe that it is worth setting aside a specific time to sit down and discuss this, and discuss how the family can come together as a team to develop new habits with specific goals. Everyone does need to accept that it is going to take a lot of patience and work. Mention to your family members when they ARE communicating well, and that you appreciate it. They really have no idea without your feedback whether what they are attempting to do is useful. If doing this is a larger family group is intimidating, do it one by one, and when you figure out who gives you the best response recruit them to help you with the others. It might also be worthwhile looking around for videos online of other people with hearing loss talking about their communication experiences, and then show those videos to your loved ones too. I know they exist somewhere,but I’m not in a position to hunt for them right now.

I’d also encourage you to take you family members along with you to your appointments. Take the ones you talk to the most, or the ones you find hardest to talk to, and bring the subject of communication up. If other providers are at all like me, they will happily try to brow-beat your family members for you. If you like, most of them can also simulate your hearing loss for the family member, so they can see what things sound like to you without hearing aids. Ask the provider to explain the limitations of hearing aids to your loved ones.


I have shown people my audiogram and explained the numbers and how the hearing aids are trying to fit a full dynamic range of sound into the small range of hearing I have, comparing it to their normal hearing.


I disagree with your audiologist. My hearing loss is in the higher frequencies. I wouldn’t say hearing aids produced a wow factor, but they did improve my hearing, especially female voices.

By the way, I bought mine at Costco. If you have one within driving range, they have a 181 day return period. So, you can see for yourself if they help you.


I am sorry about your family.

I NEED lip reading and sound at the same time to understand what a person is saying, cant lip read them withh sound cant hear the speech, same goes I can hear speech but NEED to lip read them.


You say in 30yrs your family isnt trying? - Im 30yrs old, deaf since birth, and I can understand my main 3 siblings, plus my mum without looking at them to lip read, then there are my nieces and nephews, the eldest is 17yrs old, I can hear him fine - THEN there is the other miracle, that is the telephone… I cannot understand anyone on the telephone cos my hearing is garbled and fuzzy (due to recruitment hearing loss) BUT for some unknown reason at all, I can hear my mum, my sisters, my brother and my oldest nephew crystal clear on the telphone…how that happens?? Dont ask, cos I cannot understand ANYONE ELSE.

I think its because its family making sure that they are speaking crystal clear on the phone and making sure I can lip read them…

You need to go back to your family and explain AGAIN, and im sure your own family would do the same.

It wont be overnight, and when they talk to others they do forget about me, so I have to badger/pester them, you need to do the same.


It may well be. But we also have an advantage for familiar speakers (even typically hearing individuals do). The most obvious stumbling block is accents, which are on the far side of familiar.

Sometimes I want to say, “remember in middle school when a few of your friends whispered among themselves and you felt sad and left out. . .?”


Thank you for your comments



May I ask, what that is? Just a little confused is all.


I mean, an advantage in understanding. It’s easier for people to understand what familiar speakers are saying as compared to unfamiliar speakers, even if they have normal hearing.


I see, its all gobblydook to me regardless of any speaker tbh, all I can hear is garbled nonsense anyway.