Audiogram input

I have just copied my original settings from my HA into iPFG. Manual fine tuning screen shows a graph with a fairly sharp peak at 2k, and gain of 61db.

If I input the same audiogram into a new client, the result is a much flatter graph with less gain and not much in the way of peaks.
The “Pre-Fitting screen” has a check box “Use for precalculation” which is checked on the original.
I am unable to un-check the original, or check the screen in the new client. Does anyone know if this is the cause please, and how do I get round it?

Have you fixed something either in the venting of the mould or the fitting rationale?

The only other thing I could think of is that you might have put in some coupler comparison (RECD) values that have given you a different output.
In any case, can’t you just use the client 2 setting and carry on?

Thanks Um bongo.

No change to venting, and no RECD values. I seem able to un-check the copied version, but not if I input to a new client.

I don’t understand why putting the same audiogram into a new client, should produce such a different graph.

When I left my audiologist Monday, I had more gain on the right, and could understand people better. The gain had increased 10db above the target. Unfortunately, this was short lived. Within a few hours it became very distorted although still loud.

I have now unchecked the box on the copy, and re-calculated. The graph is much flatter, with a small peak at 3k, and after a bit of tweaking, back to hearing again.