Audiogram Help

Could someone help me understand these audiograms and type of HA that are needed?

2010 from Audiologist:

2010 from HA provider:



2021 from HA provider:

2021 from Audiologist:

Many Thanks

Powerful ones.

I know it that sounds a bit glib, but you’ve got a bit of a mixed severe/nearly profound loss. When there’s 90-100dB at 1KHz, you need to be looking at UP style aids with decent moulds.

@Um_bongo thank you
But why there are discrepancies between the audiologist and the HA provider?
Also, why the audiograms done in 2010 go up to 115db, whilst those done in 2021 go up to 100db?

Different test kit, different day, different background noise, different positioning in/on your head, different Audiologist etc….

The ‘shape’ of both tests is meaningfully the same. Don’t get bogged down in specific values.

You’ve got a hefty loss that needs intervention to allow you to communicate. Get some UP aids, don’t sweat going for the ‘top-end’ in terms of technology, your auditory resolution probably won’t benefit from it.

Spend the money on nice soft silicone moulds (replaced annually). Your sort of loss needs quality ‘plumbing’; get the plumbing right and you’ll be winning 50% if the battle.


@Um_bongo many thanks for your prompt reply.
Just to clarify, those audiograms are my brother’s and I’m just trying to help out. (I’ve been on this forum for while, to help my brother as much as I can).
He’s got an Oticon Agile pro minirite P (Acto as well) with custom dome at the moment and he feels it is not powerful enough, it’s been set to its maximum by his HA provider, I was wondering if he has to jump to a BTE, bearing in mind that he absolutely doesn’t want any BTE, any help?
I was contemplating getting him a Phonak Naida Paradise P90, as I feel it is powerful enough to help him, and it’s got a universal Bluetooth (as he is fed up with the streamer), not sure if my assessment is right (he is in a different country with limited HA availability)?
Thx again

Ah. This probably answers my question but I’ll check just in case. No option to pursue cochlear implants?

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Oh CI, no way, he doesn’t even want to discuss that option.

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Like I said, it wants to be the UP version; given the loss a pair of B50 UP might be a better way to spend the money.

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@Um_bongo much appreciated.

I have a profound loss and am currently wearing naida paradise ultra power. For what it’s worth.

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@hass5744 Perhaps you can help OP b giving a bit of description of to what extent it has helped you, etc. OP seemingly does not have hearing loss and is trying to help his brother so providing some info might give OP “realistic” expectations - and of course each person with severe loss is different, etc.

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I went from phonak marvel to phonak paradise. The first think I noticed was the clearer sound with the paradise. I also found that when streaming music that also had a clearer more sharper sound and that it provided a better stereo. With the pandemic I really struggled with people wearing face masks. I mean I had given up. With the paradise although I still struggle I was shocked when I started understanding anyone wearing a face mask. In a one to one conversation in a fairly quiet environment and keep in mind my speech comprehension is 20 percent I was able to carry on normal conversations with little struggle. To me that was really a big deal. When I purchased the marvels I remembered thinking well this was the latest technology from phonak unfortunately they only came in a super power version. When the naida paradise came out I asked to trial them because they had an ultra power version. I remember going to my audi and saying these are the best aids I’ve ever tried. Because of the pandemic I really haven’t been able to test speech in noise. But I assume I would still struggle there. Everyone’s loss is different but for someone with a profound loss I would certainly recommend that if nothing else you at least give the naida paradise ultra power a trial.


@Um_bongo Would you say that Ociton Xceed BTE UP or Phonak Naida Paradise UP will be more suitable, or, the Oticon More UP or Phonak Audeo Paradise UP will be capable?

I’d be tempted to go with the full UP solution like the Xceed, thick wall tubes and decent Microflex moulds.

@Um_bongo I think you are right, I will go with Naida Paraise UP as they are on offer at the moment, -15% from an online retailer, looks a decent price.
Many Thanks


Yeah @hass5744, my assessment of Paradise Naida UP, would be much the same as yours, they are wonderful aids, for profound loss… One 2 one, in quiet, acoustically friendly environments, I can basically follow a conversation, with the other person masked up. Unfortunately, I cannot use them at present, as I have an allergy to Silicon molds, my ears just swell up, and after a day or 2, I can’t get the molds in, without me being in a lot of pain, so I have reverted to using my Marvel RIC with 105db receivers, till I get some Hypoallergenic molds made. Been also promised a “Cochlear Implant” assessment from the NHS next spring, fingers crossed :wink:

Sounds like a long winter but I wish you the best


BTE will be worth it when he can be present in conversations and possibly utilize other tools to more fully engage. I swear by my Phonak Marvel and Roger Pen.

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@dieslgrl many thanks, I’ve made the jump to get my brother the Naida Paradise P90, not sure he will be happy (he doesn’t want BTE), he lost his hearing when he was 4 or so :cry:
He had Oticon Acto miniRITE since 2011, then recently Agil Pro miniRITE he had as a back up, but I feel that the Agil Pro isn’t powerful enough.
I have few questions if you don’t mind:
1- What is your experience going from Oticon to Phonak, do you feel the sound is better on the Phonak, do you hear better and decipher better in conversation?
2- I am looking at the Roger on in (from this forum I’ve been told to go with the Roger on in), do you find the Roger Pen easy to use, does it improve your listening in noisy situations, if you put it in the middle of a table could you easily follow the conversation?

Sorry for those questions, your feedback would be much appreciated.