Audiodent, anyone?

Have you people heard of Audiodent?

Here’s some links
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It’s a new hearing aid that works with a transmiter that goes in your mouth, and receive vibrations from an external device, and transmits sound via the bones.
Similar to beethoven’s technique. Anyone knows anything about release date?
I read they already tested their prototype on almost all hearing losses and they received some nice feedback.
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i dont know about this one…

if could be great if you are like a spy or something

Is it not interesting to you that this should end all the problems associated with anything that have to be stuffed into your ears? :confused: I mean, this would put all those companies out of business.

Thanks for the info, Jowei. It seems like companies are finally starting to think untraditionally about hearing aids. I was a young boy when I first started wearing hearing aids in the mid eighties and at that time they were marketed exclusively to old people. As a marketing professional, I see this shift as a very good thing. I recently participated in a trial of the new Lyric extended wear hearing aids from Insound Medical (see my thread on the Lyric). It didn’t end up being a good solution for me right now, but it’s exciting to see the shift in technology. Let us know if you hear anything more about this company!

Thanks for the reply Alex, glad to know that you have an open mind about this kind of technology. As of now, I don’t know what’s the status of the project, but I know they’re in the phase of recruiting employees and seeking investors and partnership. They need the money obviously, to get the whole thing going globally. But since they’re based in one of the richest countries, and more solid economies right now, Israel, I bet it’s just a matter of little time until we hear some news again. Their site is still under construction, and the address says the inbox is full. Here I leave you with another piece of information. It’s a pharmaceutical company that is developing a drug that inhibits some kind of protein that prevents hair cell regeneration in human ears. I think it’s interesting, but too bad they don’t have more news.

this is their website

Hope to read your reply

It is an interesting concept although I’m not sure that I would be one of the investors. And it is good to see folks thinking outside the box. I’ll bet there is no chewing gum allowed. :wink: