Audio Sense on Phonak B90:10 question


I’m still on trial with Phonak B90 audio sense.

My question is: are you happy with the audio sense? If so why? If not why and can it be disconnected?

I also use the manual programs too. I’m not quite sure about the audio sense yet. Thank you forum.



I am happy with the Autosense OS on Phonak, and I think a lot of people with Phonaks are on this forum. There are some that have not been happy with it though, saying it changes programs haphazardly and is sometimes too slow/fast to react to events. Sometimes that will lead to them ending a trial with Phonak, and trialling another aid, other times it might be a case of more fine tuning required.

The Autosense OS can’t be switched off, as it’s the default program. When I don’t want to use it, I select Calm Situation, which is the 1st program in my setting. However - for noise etc, I usually use the Autosense OS. It’s pretty good I think - but that’s my personal experience. Sometimes I do have to manually select, but that’s only very occasional.



Thanks so much. When I put them in my ear I have to adjust them in the right spot for the volume to come on fully. I was thinking it was the audio sense.



That doesn’t sound good. When they come on, they should be at a comfortable level so you can hear straightaway. It sounds like you need to make adjustments with your Audi.

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I think you’re right. Do you use the switch for louder or lower?



I’m not sure what you mean by Switch. If you mean, when I select a manual program, is it louder or quieter - it is actually the same. I don’t select a manual program because of volume - it’s to do with the situation. There are incidences where, for example, I am listening to music with headphones and I deliberately put it on calm situation because I don’t want the automatic program kicking in. Alternatively, if I am in the car and my daughters are saying something in the back, I might switch to calm situation if the radio is on to make sure I have all round hearing.



Below the button to change programs is a switch that you can press for volume up or down when in a program. So there are two. So say you are in the Melody mode and it’s a little to low, press the switch up for a slightly louder volume, or down for lower. Same with any program. Hope this makes sense. Do you have this?



I like it, it works well for me about 85% of the time. I also have a manual program for speech in loud noise with noise reduction maxed out.



I love my AutoSense. It works really well for me. I never have to change programs unless I use my Roger Clip On Mic for music.

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I am a first time HA user and very happy with my M90’s too. I normally switch it to Speech in Loud Noise when at a pub or other similar situations where this is a lot of noise to ensure it stays in that program.

I do sometimes hear it switching programs such as when I am on an airplane so change it to a manual program.

I do believe I saw in the programming S/W a way to set which program it starts at when powered up.