Audina hearing aids question

Hi all, im Maria, been with hearing loss since the age of 11 and recently applied for vocational rehab in FL to get free hearing aids, so far it went well, but its still pending, it depends of the funds they get, so im on the waiting list since April, my hearing aids broke, only one works but makes a lot of noise and having trouble listening to people. in the meantime im looking to buy either used or new, my audiologist is selling me a pair of Audina ITE Simplex or a pair of Audina BTE sparo, both digital but need to find out which one are used and which one are new, price range starts from 1295.00, never had digital hearing aids, it would be my frist time, but im kinda confuse if they last longer or less, i live in FL where the humidity is a killer.

Im kinda confused and thats why i decide to join to a forum before i jump and buy them, the reason nowadays you can do your own research and be a smart buyer, any input welcome!

Hi Maria. I don’t know anything about Audina, so I can’t give you an opinion about them. I’ve read they are a smaller company based in Florida, which might explain why I never heard of them. You can search this forum using the search term “Audina” and review the threads in the search results. Alternatively, you can search this thread using Google:

“ audina”

Remove the quotes, of course. Sorry for telling you what you might already know!

it would be a shame to spend any unnecessary money if you will eventually get the funds from elsewhere. Do you know how long you will be on the waiting list? Would you get the funds directly (in cash), would they remit the funds to your Audie, or would you need to buy hearing aids through the source of the funds? If the funds come to you in cash or are paid to your Audie (assuming he/she is an approved one, if applicable), can you work out a payment plan with little or no interest with your audie while waiting for your funds?

i’d also consider getting quotes from other HA dispensers, perhaps Costco for example, if you’ve one in your area. They carry more mainstream manufacturers than Audina and their pricing is great. Costco offers free hearing tests, as do some other hearing places.

For this forum, You can add your audiogram by going into your settings and editing your signature. That will give the experts here more information to help you.

It might be cheaper to have your HA’s repaired to get you by until you are either approved or denied by the DOR. There are several HA repair sites online that are good, I have used and have been very happy with the quality, speed and cost of the repair. Costco is another option if one is close to you.

Hello Maria,
Welcome to the forum!

I got a set of hearing aids one time through vocational rehabilitation about 15 years ago.
I don’t know the requirements of your state to qualify for free hearing aids. For me it was that I had to be currently in the workforce and hearing aids were needed to perform my normal job duties. At the time I was in IT (Information Technology) and use of the phone was required for my job as I was the only person for computer technical support. If I remember correctly my wait time between filing and getting my new aids was around 3 months.

During my wait time for available funds I have the phone number of my Vocational Rehab case worker and asked if it was ok to call every once in a while to check on the status of my case. My case worker said that it was ok to call, so I called every two weeks to check on the status. Each time I called I was told they were still waiting on available funds. Then one day I got a call from my Vocational Rehab case worker saying that the funds were available and gave me an appointment to go to a local ENT office. The funds were paid directly to the ENT office and the price for the aids were negotiated between my case worker and the ENT office. I got my new aids a couple of weeks later.

Keep in mind a case worker has many cases they are working on and your case could possibly be lost of misplace in their stack of case files. If your case worker doesn’t mind, I would call every once in a while to check on the status of your case.

I called my local Vocational Rehab office around 6 years ago to inquire on getting another set of aids again but the program has been discontinued.

Gbp did offer some good options should you want to go that route.

Without knowing your specific needs via an audiogram scores posted to your signature, members of this message board will not be able to advice you with clear and meaningful advise. In general vocational rehabilitation agencies will only be likely to purchase your aids from a specific vendor. It is not likely that they will be able to reimburse you for any unauthorized funds you may have paid to repair your older aids. Even new aids not approved by them that you paid cash for may not be eligible for reimbursement.

Now that it is the beginning of a new fiscal year, you may have better luck getting your counselor to obtain preauthorization for new more expensive and appropriate aids for your level of loss. New generation digital aids with Bluetooth technology and other built-in features can reach in excess of $7000.

wow, thanks all for the inputs, very valuable, also will type down my hearing loss numbers down on my siggy, thank you guys!

Hi all im back after a long period of trying to sign in and it never worked until now, will be back with details, have a nice day

Audina isn’t a terrible brand but it’s defiantly on the lower end. Those prices for used units are way too high. The same set is $600 with us and, for that amount, you can get something better.

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hi all, finally took some time to come back and added my audiogram plus i will be selling a pair of used hearing aids, will post it in the right place…
will take the time to familiarize with the forum and its features.
have a nice day!