Audicus Canto vs Costco Rexton Trax 42

Hi All, I am new to the forum and will be getting my first HA set soon. I have been doing lots of research I was wondering if there was some opinions or guidance between these to HA’s. I get the feeling the Trax 42 is better but sooo much more in cost. Bluetooth is a necessity as I am in IT for a living and use constant BT devices. any help is greatly appreciated!

Audicus Canto vs Costco Rexton Trax 42

Well, the forum has its fanboys for the Trax – fer sure. I happen to like the KS6 which is MFI. The Trax BT interface is a necklace that only a nerd could love – not great for leaning over a motherboard. The KS6 would need the phone clip + which is about the size of those old match books and clips to a pocket. That allows attaching up to 8 BT items including Android. The KS6 with the clip is right at $2000. Add a K for the same in the Trax.

I had contacted Audicus previously and they recommended the Canto based on my audiogram - as expected. They followed up quite a bit as I was in the middle of contacting other providers.

Total cost for a pair of Canto, with the Bluetooth remote and the Enhanced clarity feature which is required for BT is $1697 ($1797-$100 discount offer they always seem to have).

Trax 42 is $2600 (your choice of free remote or dryer/charger). Not sure if that remote will give BT functions.

KS6 is $1800 as KenP mentioned. Maybe that one will work for you and then you can get the in-person assistance and care that Costco provides for $100 more than Audicus. Accessories are extra for KS6.

So KS6 Canto and trax as far as features are all about the same its just the price and service / support were the difference is?

Technology wise (based on what I’m seeing from others) the rank would be Trax 42 followed by KS6. Not sure where Canto falls.

Performance wise - that varies from person to person.

If you have your hearing test, post your numbers. Sometimes people can tell from that which model will benefit you the most.

if you do not have a recent hearing test, might want to go to Costco - it’s free. Membership not required unless you purchase the HA’s.

post your audiogram. without it nobody can really recommend any aids.

250 500 1k 2k 3k 4k 6k 8k
Left 40 55 54 50 55 45 75 70
Right 35 55 54 50 48 60 65 70

SRT RT: 55 LT: 55

I am not really sure what all this means except I have a hard time hearing people speaking? This test is about 6months old.

Yes, all the buzz words can confuse…but you are in IT the home of buzz. :slight_smile:

Hearing aids are aids. They don’t restore our original hearing. There are 3 levels of aids sold that address in varying degree noise. Noise is a problem as the aids can’t discriminate as well as the original ear working with the brain. You’ll have experienced that with background sounds in movies and elsewhere without aids. Your speech discrimination in such cases suffer. The top of the line aids address noise but they aren’t perfect. All the companies describe this attempt to correct in different ways and do it mostly as marketing hype. An approach to this is described in each companies terms.

Really you need to try aids as what works for you may be different from what I find best. Just understand that regardless of info, all aids attempt to do the same thing and the decision you’ll make is subjective. If you stick with the major manufacturers to start, you’ll evaluate things and decide.

The reason many of us suggest Costco is they handle major brands and you can try all the brands in the store and have a free 90 day trial to make a decision.

Thanks for the quick reply yes tons tons of hype Audicus seems to only have a 45 day trial as opposed to costco 90 day. Can you KS6’s hook up to a TV somehow? That was one thing I did like about Audicus came with several of the accessories out of the box.

These were the strikes that I used to rule out Audicus:

  1. Business model - need to ship HA’s back and forth for adjustment.
  2. Only a 1-Year warranty vs 3 years from Costco (including 2 year* damage/loss warranty)
  3. I would have to do all my own routine maintenance (dome, ear wax guard replacement, etc) and pay for replacement parts.
  • some models have a 3-year warranty

yes I am not fond of sending stuff back and forth in the mail. I am usually quite picky about setting on all my gear as I am an IT guy with that said is there software that can be downloaded to make my own adjustments or is it all proprietary. After all is said and done I really do not think i would save much money by buying Audicus Canto’s over say either Trax 42 or KS6’s with the accessories included for any HA’s I bought.

The orion 2 came out yesterday

DoubleDown thanks for the great info!! So Trax 42 maybe the way to go if I can get the bread.

Since the Siemens current line goes to 48 channels, that may show where the Audicus (Siemens technology) is.

I have my hearing appt on Nov 10th I will know more then. Im sure I will go with Costco it is a matter of cash flow after that.

If you get their AmEx, you can get 0% interest for 6 months on the HA purchase - if that helps. assuming you don’t have one already.

Thanks I will check into this!

You should understand the deal. There are two memberships at $55 and $110. It looks more expensive but isn’t. You get an immediate rebate of $55 from Amx so the cost is the same. And you get 2% added rebate paid annually and Costco guarantees it will be at least $55. So, it becomes a true wash.

I’ve no idea what happens next year when AmX is out and Citi takes over.

What? Come again. I thought I heard the word “citi” . I am a citigroup stock owner. You said Citi would do what?

Google is a big help.