Audible to roll out text captions for audiobooks in an upcoming feature

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Interesting. Seems logical and beneficial for people with impairments, but the publishers and agents are all up in arms over the licensing.

Until they put ads on it for revenue.

I don’t understand this. Am I missing something?
I thought the point of an audible book was for people too lazy to read, people who are sight-impaired, people who just want to lay in bed/relax in a chair with their eyes closed (and keep their hands warm) and listen to a book, people who are driving and can take in a book while driving, disabled who cannot hold a book, people who are dyslexic, etc.
Add text to the audio and - it becomes a book you read. And it was a book of text to read in the first place, often narrated by famous people.
Why would we want subtitles to read for audio books when we can read the book in the first place?


Very good idea for those trying to improve speech recognition while using aids.


For me it is a way to improve my word recognition. I do have less than desirable word recognition so it is a way to hear the words and see them too. And it has help a lot.

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Fair enough, but there’s more that 101 other ways to do this already.

If it works for you, that’s cool. My own experience is - I used to be a far better lip-reader and hear words far better until the advent of subtitles. I know of a few other deaf who have said the same thing, that subtitles have made it easier for us to hear our fave shows/films/podcasts etc. Maybe because it’s made us more lazy. So now we don’t hear and/or lip-read as well as we did before subtitles came along.

Or maybe it’s a generation thing.

For me as a phone tech support person I had to understand what was being said there was no lips to be seen. And technical words are normally harder to understand than normal speech. I am now retired but my drive to improve my word understanding hasn’t changed

Must admit, I’m with @legsmaniac69 on this one. I did chuckle at the title and thought ‘hang on a minute, wouldn’t that just be… a book!?’.

Not belittling @cvkemp in any way however. His posts are always well balanced and thought out. I completely get his side of the story though. Carrying a book plus audiobook would be cumbersome.

Amazon did sell some books with built in audiobooks for certain title for their Kindle. I believe Amazon bought Audible a while back?

The Now That’s What I Call Music app (British) has lyrics that jump to that part of the song when you tap the lyric and also highlights the lyrics as the songs plays, rather like karaoke.