Audibel n'Fusion

I just had a rather nasty experience with Audibel hearing aids. The dispenser has been trying since May to adjust these ITC hearing aids to suit my needs. They claim a 98% success rate. All I got was harsh sounds. They changed the processor so that the hearing aid wouldn’t keep looking for sounds to dampen. (very annoying, if not dangerous, when driving) We started over with supposedly the best person at the factory. The result was the same. I finally took them back. They only gave me 80% of my money back. I’m still not happy about this and obviously will not buy Audibel again. The other thing is they kept my old hearing aids so I couldn’t compare the old with the new. When I finally got my old ones back, I found that with few exception, they sounded better.

Anyone else have problems with this state of the art wonder?

I think many in the industry, both the dispensers/audi’s and the consumers are now learning, first hand, that some hearing aids are better than others.

If you had a bad experience with them, as many have, try switching to another brand. There are many great hearing aids out there from most major manufacturers…sometimes it is just a matter of finding the right professional who has your best interest at heart…then it is a win/win situation for both the professional and the customer.

It is no wonder why the brand you are mentioning have so few positive reviews on any forum that I have seen so far.

I too had a very bad experience with this brand. Dispenser was a very friendly guy who switched different hearing aids three times in 6 months (one was faulty)(all top of line aids) and then finally tried to sell me new ones for $7800 each, but he was willing to give 50% off and a trade in allowance and just knew they would work. That was when I said “ENOUGH”.

It was then that I started checking around, found the forums on the Internet and decided on a premium open fit aid. The difference was like day and night. The new aids worked perfectly from the time I put them on and I feel like I got my hearing back. I got a costly lesson from the dispenser and the only saving grace is that when he got soooo greedy, it sent me in a different direction where I really got a pair of good aids and got my hearing back.


You are wearing the Siemens Centra Life Open Fit hearing aids right?

Always good to hear of users with great results. You often hear so much of the negative, but so little of the positive, so we appreciate you sharing this info with others.

Yes, I am wearing the Siemens Centra Life Open Fit. I know that I was pretty discouraged with my first six months venture into hearing aids. The difference in hearing aids can be substantial and if something is not working for someone, they should not necessarily give up. I think that there are lots of good audis and dispensers, but there are also some bad ones who are in it for the big bucks. You just have to find the right person and forums like this are a great help to a lot of people.

Interesting replies.

I searched the Internet when I first got the Audibel HA, but I only found the factories hype. I now see that others have had the same problems.

What style/type would you reccomend? My hearing starts out OK in the very low ranges and gets worse the higher you go. I liked the ITC for windy situations and wearing a headset radio while mowing the grass. The BTE that I am currently using gets in the way with glasses and I get feedback with hats. I am 56 and have been wearing HA for about 14 years. I have a telecomunications background, so I understand the technology of HA.


With your technical background, you are going to love researching the new hearing aids that have come out in the past couple of years! With so many options you definitely will spend some time in your research. (options such as blue tooth, artificial intelligence, etc). I’ve worn CIC’s (Sonic Innovation) for many years and because of a significant decline in hearing, I’m getting a new set in the next month or so. Currently on my short list: Siemen’s Centra, Oticon Syncro 2, Sonic Balance, Phonak Silva …
The companies have good information on their websites. In addition, has some online presentations you can view (will have to sign up … don’t let the ‘add to cart’ bother you - they are free presentations).
Good luck, and let us know what you end up with.
Apologies for changing the topic from original message…

I have the new Centra ITC with dual mics,remote and 3 programs. All I can say
I LOVE THESE THINGS!!! I wore Beltone and Audibel for a total of 25 years and I tihink the sound is great on these new ones. I have a program for every day and one for TV and electronic sound. My third is used like an off button. I turned down all the settings and they are like ear plugs. I will never be without a remote again I love the control I have at my finger tips. I can fit the sound to my needs. I will say the programming was a real pain to get them to sound like I wanted but, after a month we have them where I like them. They do pretty well with wind and other conditions. The only thing they have a problem with is getting stuck in T coil mode. I will tell them about this on my next visit.

I have fitted 72 patients with nFusion technology since it was launched in 2006. I have had one failure, from a patient who refused to follow rehabilitation instructions (and who had failed with four previous sets of aids from other companies for the same reason).

For every hearing aid that exists I bet I could find a patient who is happy and another who is dissatisfied.

All hearing aids have pros and cons and there is no perfect hearing aid. The Destiny 1200 is an outstanding hearing aid. If you are not getting good results with it, there is a good chance it has not been programmed correctly. It is perhaps one of the most complex hearing aid systems on the market today, and if your hearing specialist is not very adept at programming a hearing aid, you may well not get the best results from it.

I’m new here,Bare with me.
I’ve worn a CIC from Intertron for 1 1/2 years. I have a mixed hearing loss.
My hearing has gotten worse in my left ear. My dispenser recommended the
Starkey Destiny1200. He might have been leaning toward the ITE. I think maybe I should go for the BTE. I wear glasses. I don’t have to say these aids are $$ .
Should I go for TWO aids? Any advise will help.


If you have a hearing loss in both ears, you should try two hearing aids for several reasons:

  • need less volume per hearing aid
  • better hearing in noise
  • easier to tell where sounds are coming from
As for the style, Starkey does have high power CIC models, but BTE aids will still have more range so if your hearing decreases more they should still be able to fit your loss. One benefit of BTE vs. CIC is that you have less wax problems with the BTE style.

you will be better off with 2 aids, i would say make sure the 2 aids are from the same family, so if you get starkey destiny 1200 make sure both aids are from the same family…