Audi wants me to look into CI

At my audi visit today to get the new molds with correct vent size she wanted to put a bug in my ear about a CI in my left ear. I guess I’ll be heading over to the CI board to try and pick up all the info can on CI.

It’s all about understanding speech.
If you are doing alright with aids there is no reason to look into implants.
If you have medical issues with aids, you might also have medical issues with implants. A CI evaluation will answer a lot of questions. It doesn’t hurt, nothing to be concerned about.

There is a really good group here with implants. They have really helped me.

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Please keep us posted on this. It would be interesting to follow this. I am kind of amazed with your WRS that they are thinking CI. I may be following the CI pathway in the near future. Will be watching for updates.

As you probably know I struggle with vibrations. My audi has has tried everything to help with this and nothing is working. My WRS is like 0 in my left ear. I think 50% right. The molds are actually a little worse than the domes. I was really disappointed. I don’t think I’m at the the point of CI yet but she did put the bug in my ear.

How are you doing with the CI?

I am coming along slowly. Some things it’s like I have Superman hearing and other things I don’t hear well at all. My first mapping adjustments since activation are November 12th. From reading about other implant members here this could be a big improvement in hearing. My audiologist has said this too.

The CI evaluation is pretty detail oriented. It’s not just about your audiogram. Word and sentence understanding in quiet and noise is a big part of it. Medical issues or causes of hearing loss are looked into also. Your situation is very different than mine so I can not say with any certainty how your results would turn out. The only way to really know is get CI tested.


I’m sure after the mapping you will see major improvements. Seems like everyone here has had good success with CI and I’m sure you will also.


From my experience @tim4 the longer you leave it the harder it will be for you. By that I mean you will have to do more concentrated rehab. You have to learn to lay down new sound pathways in the brain before your brain can then start to recognise what those sounds are that your hearing.

When I had my SSHL I was sent 6 months later for evaluation for CI. I then sat on the fence for a further 18 months before I moved forward… I was lucky I heard and could comprehend on activation.
I dread to think what will happen when I make the huge decision to go bilateral. As my L ear has been deaf in most high frequencies since birth, and that’s a hell of a long time ago… I will be doing the hard yards of rehab with that ear.