Audi said Marvel is better than Paradise for me

The Audi ordered a Marvel 90 for me when I expected a Paradise. When I asked why she said it was better for profound loss like mine because of the position of the microphone, claiming the Paradise would produce more feedback. I find this hard to believe. Any one got info or thoughts on it?

Also does anyone have info about ?

Never heard of them, but they might just be a group who pass on leads to local dispensers.

The thing about the fitting ranges sounds a fraction bogus to me. I don’t normally recommend people going to a Boots, but if you do, you’ll get a comparison price for Phonak and possibly on a January deal too.

Are the Naida Marvel aids?

I have ordered from and had a great experience with them. I made a significant saving and the hearing aids (Marvel M90s) have 1 years global warranty and 2 more years UK warranty. I agreed a two-year maintenance agreement with a local audiologist to provide annual tests, refitting and tuning as necessary, REM tests and cleaning.
I reckon I saved about 55% on original audi quote.

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If you don’t mind me asking, how much did you pay for the 2 year maintenance?

I paid $150 per annum

As Um_bongo said you should try Boots, they have 15% off Paradise at the moment, which would give you a total cost not much more than Wholesale Hearing. Four years warranty and checkups included. Providing you are in the UK.

If I was considering the Paradise I would check out the specsavers “Advanced Elite” white label - I think this may be the Paradise - for £2000. I would only do this if they did REM and offered unlimited aftercare.

Also - I read a rumour that Kirkland 10 would be available in March from Costco. If they stick with Phonak the next upgrade would be the Paradise, or at least, a cut down version of it, for £1300.

Still, I am waiting for reviews of the Oticon More, which could be very interesting.

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I think the current version of Specsavers elite is still based on the Marvel. I was offered 3 versions of the elite when I trialed them 3 years ago, Phonak, Widex or Signia. Not sure if is still the case.

Ahh, ok - I stand corrected. A Marvel would be reasonable at that price but not quite the bargain that the Paradise would be! Perhaps they will update it at some point as they are selling the Paradise as their top line Phonak.

Aureo M90 which is going to be a few years outdated I believe.

I live in North West rural Spain. If anyone can tell me how to add my location to my profile I would be obliged. On the home page Spain isn’t an option in the locations. are advertising the Paradise 90 for £1,045

FWIW, I just got Phonak Paradise P-90Rs two weeks ago in Florida for $4,590 for the set, including three years of adjustments/maintenance. Good luck!

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The Naida Marvel SP is on the Marvel platform but with BTE rather than RIC. it is for profound loss and I find them better than the RIC for my loss. Look at my audiogram. Also I use a .8mm vent with no feedback issues at all. Go to Phonak’s website to check them out. If you do COSTCO route, they carry the Bolero, which is similar.

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I bet you meant BTE rather than RIC concerning the Naida Marvel aids.

The OP’s hearing loss is profound. I am surprised their audiologist has not prescribed a power aid like the Naida for example.

It’s not a fully profound loss. Averaging on severe.

Profound HF part to the loss, but even Hp receivers on non power aids will put out usable gain across most of this. The other point you have to consider is that there are potentially a couple of deadspots in there too.

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Dead spots did come to mind as well as frequency lowering technology. It could help with speech recognition.
Big receivers don’t always fit in small canals but RIC aids sure do fit many hearing losses.

So many acronyms, so little time. Thanks, I fixed it. I started with BTE many years ago. For sometime RIC did not make a receiver that fit my small canal and needed power, but when they did, I tried them and they worked. I went back to BTE when the Naida came out and find them better. I do like the small vent in an acrylic custom mold.

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What is the significance of dead spots (by which I suppose you mean frequencies I can’t hear at all)?

Arguably your 2KHz right and 4Khz left are dead spots/ near dead regions.

If you throw lots of power into these areas to overcome the significant degree of loss, potentially you’re going to just hear distorted noise instead of a clear nice signal. The secondary downside is the potential for upward and downward spread of masking. Now that sounds like some wonderful wordage, but let me loosely explain how.

The basilar membrane in your cochlear is a shapable Demi-organ, somewhat like your tongue, but comparatively 1000 times smaller, with rows of inner and outer hair cells on it. If you were to take your electric toothbrush and press it gently into the surface of the tongue, the immediate area where the bristles are would vibrate, and you would feel it. If you pressed your toothbrush harder you would likely feel it across most of your tongue. This vibration is equivalent to the input of sound waves. The detection of vibrations in other adjacent areas is the ‘spread of masking’.

So in summary, those massive dips in you hearing are best ignored and the average values of the points either side should be used to calculate a gain figure. Or even less if the hearing aid is likely to feedback there as the amplified signal is just ‘wasted’ in that region.


Does this affect whether the audiologist is correct in saying the Marvel is better than the Paradise for my loss? Or are you making a programming suggestion? I know she is using frequency lowering. is it a waste of time? Sorry for not understanding.