I have a reverse slope hearing loss and I am wondering if there are any “hearing techies” out there who have input as to the technology of the new “Phonak Audeo”. Does it work better? Is the sound quality all that it’s cracked up to be? What specifics should I be looking for? etc etc :slight_smile:
I have been wearing the same Divo’s for about 6 or 7 years now. I get constant feed back and I have to adjust how the hearing aid sits in my ear canal to stop it. My feedback abatment technique works for between 5 seconds and an hour or so depending on my irritation level of the moment.

The Audeo’s are great hearing aids, particularly for High Frequency hearing loss, although they can be configured for a reverse slope loss. The feedback canceller works very well and it is based on a proven platform, the same circuit as in the Savia Art with a better designed casing for directional performance and a more stylish look.

You may want to give them a try. Go to and you can see who offers it nearby. Phonak is offering a free 10 day test drive on these, so it may be worthwhile to try.