Audeo V

I received my Audeos (V) to trial yesturday. She thought these were best for me than the IX. I have not seen a significant change yet, and still strain (and sometimes do not understand) to hear what is on TV or someone in the room that is speaking when other noise is in the background. When on the phone it seems to go in and out - one minute you can hear clearly and then it is harder to hear…I am going to keep a log and new audi is going to call me in 1 week. I will let you all know how it goes.

In regard to the Audi I seen yesturday, she is a doctor of Audiology and it shows. She first spoke (after making sure I could understand her) to me about my wants and needs and past problems. Very easy to talk to. She then explained all the benefits of the Audeo’s and why she chose this one for me. She also told me she ordered a few more in case these do not work for me. She then placed the HA on my ear explained the sounds that I would hear (was familiar with this - but it was never explained to me). She then loaded my Audiogram and performed a few other changes/adjustments. She then took the HA off and put the probe in my ears to do the REM test, then put the HA back on…I sat still while she ran the test (edited this so everyone can understand what is done here). She showed me the screen, and it was pretty close and she made a few adjustments. She then did the Audible Speech processing and had to make additional adjustments. She wanted me at 85% and so she boosted me up to be able to get to that point. If I had not been wearing aids up to this point she would have waited. She explained everything and every detail of the aids. We tried the phone and numerous situations…and she explained that while I am out and about I will find situations hat I need to report back to her and she will determine whether it is normal or not, and how I feel about it. So, I feel from this 1st appointment that things have gone well and she definitely know alot more than the past experience.

EDITED: To ADD more definition to REM and Test done…hope it helps someone.

Khenkels - When I use a regular phone or my cell phone I don’t notice my Audeo’s changing out of Autopilot mode at all. I have a custom t-coil program I use with the Artone neckloop with my work phone and sometimes at home with my cell phone.

Is there something special you do with your phone to get your aids to change into the phone program? I think that when I use a phone without the neckloop, my HA’s aren’t even coming into play.

Did you get a remote and have some custom programs setup? ie: (noisy restaurants, watching TV, etc…)

I will be curious to see how many more fitting sessions will be necessary post having an REM performed. I have my fingers crossed that these will work out for you.


The Audi said that everything was set up automatic. She did not have alot of patients that use the remote, so she did not order me one - said she would if I decide that I want one. So, the setting are all set for automatic in programming. She had me to use the phone and ask how it sounded and it sounded real clear - she said I shuld have no problems. I do not have a magnet to use, so I am assuming it is one of the other programs switching…??

i dotn dispense phonak but i think their keychain remote control
is really cool, it is one of those things that dont need them often
but when you need them it is good to have them…


If these HA’s work out for me you can bet I will have one…

One more point to my post above (which I just edited), it that the Audeos are superior in Feedback. The deltas 6000 and Vigo Pro both squealed alot, not these pups. Also, a point to be made is that they fit wonderful, but my Audi really worked to get them right.

deltas are in much need for an upgrade!. and vigo is a not a small instrument… Im not surprise the Audeo performs better, their new software is good


On my last appointment, my audi gave me the keypilot to trial. I do not have all of the programs on it, just volume, and then I can click the program buttonto return to where my original setting are. I like it. This is one item that I will request depending on whether I go with the Audeos or the Next 16 Moxi.

i think you should be fine, you see- the key pilot is something you might not
need all the time, but when you really need them it is very usefull…

Xbulder, Audiogal and others:

Trialing the Audeo V:

I have been in the Audeo V’s since May 16. On the right ear (very small) I believe it is a slip tip. On the left, it is an open tip.

I went back for an adjustment as I kept hearing the HA switching and in noise (outside or in the car) they would feel like they were shutting down and I could not hear on the phone or understand what people were saying to me while we were standing outside.

Audi adjusted the compression to where I almost have no compression at all and increased the gain and volume.

On Saturday and Sunday, I had problems understanding my husband sitting next to me. I also am sounding like I am in a barrel when in noise.

I think I am ready to go back to the original setting as this is really nerve racking.

Any ideas?? I want to communicate to my audi so we can get these adjusted. She is very good, but can only be as good as I tell her. My problem is has always been hearing the TV - speech only. The loudness is fine, and sometimes gets on my nerves as it sounds too loud. In addition, I am still having (alot) to ask persons to repeat themselves alot…sounds like they are mumbling. Sunday, I took them off and could hear better without them.

Thank in advance, for any and all suggestions.

I am a new to hearing aids, but I’ll jump in and offer a suggestion if nobody else will. :slight_smile:

I would take what you wrote in your post above and put in a little notebook you can carry with you. Write down everything you like and don’t like about your current fittings. Keep adding to it as you move through your day. You will get better at describing stuff as you go. Take it with you to your next appointment. Better yet, email it to her a few days before so she can think about the best way to approach your next fitting.

Also, has your husband gone with you to a fitting? My HIS wanted me to bring my wife in, but her work schedule kept conflicting.

Best of luck,


Thank you for taking time. I wish my husband could go with me but this is not possible. He is only in town on weekends.

At this point I would rather go back to the original setting and have just a little of what she changed - I feel it is overkill.

I loved the feedback on the first fitting, but now when holding the phone etc., they squeel alot.

I have started a log and sent it to her today, because this is horrible.

Thanks again.

One approach your audiologist might try is changing the compression back to the original settings and adjusting the noise program so that the low frequencies don’t roll off as much when the directional microphones kick in. I have done this with several of my patients, and they preferred that setting vs. having the aids “cut out” when they are in noise.

For the barrel feeling, they might need to adjust the occlusion control until your voice sounds a bit better to you.


I think you might just have hit the nail on the head…I am going to suggest this to her.